Les McCann – Samples Volume 2

Les McCann – Samples Volume 2
1. Les McCann – Dunbar High School Marching Band
2. Ed OG – Streets Of The Ghetto (Instrumental)
3. Les McCann – North Carolina
4. Smif N Wessun – Let’s Git It On (Instrumental)
5. Souls Of Mischief – What A Way To Go Out (Instrumental)
6. ATCQ – After Hours
7. ATCQ – The Infamous Date Rape
8. Les McCann – Anticipation
9. AZ – Rather Unique (Instrumental)
10. Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry
11. Slick Rick – Behind Bars
12. Les McCann – Go On And Cry
13. Erick Sermon – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
14. Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas (Instrumental)
15. Les McCann – The Generation Gap
16. Juggaknots – Loosifa


Les McCann – Dunbar High School Marching Band

Les McCann – North Carolina

Les McCann – Anticipation

Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry

Les McCann – Go On And Cry

Les McCann – The Generation Gap

–Roy Johnson

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7 Responses to “Les McCann – Samples Volume 2”

  1. qnzgrimiest says:

    les mcann is the mann, i didn't know he was the man behind so many classics, and as for that bob james post you're about to post, there's a song called my enemy by mathematik from his underrated album ecology, just thought you would know

  2. qnzgrimiest says:

    oh yea also canadian artist thrust used the sample for Dunbar High School Marching Band
    for his joint emcees part 2

  3. qnzgrimiest says:

    juggaknots also made a song called loosifa using the generation gap sample

  4. verge says:

    @qnzgrimiest- Thanks for that Mathematik cut for the Bob James post. I completely forgot about that one.
    I always dug Thrust's music, too. The EP, the Emcee single and the Lights, Camera, Action cut are all dope.
    Roy did list that Juggaknots track, though.
    I bugged the first time I heard that sample.
    They really got that shit off.
    Thanks for checking in.

  5. Brandan E. says:

    Like i said before, its amazing how producers can take a small snippet of a sample and turn it into something else. its absolutely amazing!

    pete rock took that small, very small sample and flipped into something outrageous.
    and erick sermon took that sample and flipped it into a hand sounding track!

  6. Cenzi Stiles says:

    "Go On And Cry"… who uses that??? And there is a voice that says something like "feel no pain"… LOTUG? anyways, Warren G also uses it..

  7. Roy Johnson says:


    It was also used by LOTUG and the Dream Warriors. These compilations weren't meant to be definitive, though. It's just a selection of my personal favorites.

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