O.C. – Non-Album Tracks (1991-1995)

O.C. – Non-Album Tracks V1 (1991-1995)
1. Ozone (Demo)
2. Visual Picture (Demo)
3. Brothers Are Fake (Demo)
4. Stay Alive (Demo)
5. I Kick A Rhyme For The Record (Partial Demo)
6. Time’s Up (Original)
7. Word…Life (Remix)
8. Born 2 Live (Remix)
9. Time’s Up (Remix)
10. Oh Lord w/ Lord Finesse
11. Brainstorm w/ Lord Finesse & KRS-One
12. Let’s Organize w/ Organized Konfusion
13. Fudge Pudge w/ Organized Konfusion
14. You Won’t Go Far w/ Organized Konfusion
15. Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers w/ Jeru & Chubb Rock
16. Back To The Grill Remix w/ Serch, Nas, Chubb Rock, etc
17. Men Vs. Many w/ Mic Geronimo
18. A Clear Day w/ DJ Clear

O.C. – Non-Album Tracks V2 (1991-1995)
1. Time’s Up (Spinbad Blend)
2. Born 2 Live (Jay Dee Blend)
3. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #1
4. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #2
5. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #3
6. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle w/ Organized Konfusion
7. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle w/ Mr. Complex
8. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle w/ MC Serch
9. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle w/ Large Professor
10. Stretch & Bobbito Promo w/ MC Serch
11. Wake Up Show Freestyle
12. DJ IROC Freestyle


Brothers Are Fake! (Demo)

I Kick A Rhyme For The Record (Partial Demo)

Time’s Up (Spinbad Blend)

Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #1

DJ IROC Freestyle

If you have the full version of “I Kick A Rhyme For The Record”, please hit us up in the comments. Thanks!

–Roy Johnson

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww man… O.C. is like the Emcee I would be, if I was to be an Emcee, becauase he is THE definition of one, GOOD LOOKIN'

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    damn. i love this blog

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