Bon Appetit

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O.C was one of the most respected lyricists of the 90’s despite being under the hip-hop radar most of his career. Brooklyn born Omar Credle made his rap debut in 1991 on Organized Konfusion‘s “Fudge Pudge” and one year later he made a featuring on the remix of MC Serch‘s “Back to the Grill.” By 1994, he had signed with Wild Pitch Records and recorded the classic Word…Life.

In 1997, O.C. signed to the now defunct Pay Day Records, where he made his second album Jewelz and was also a prominent member of the super group know as Diggin’ in The Crates.

The 2001 release of Bon Appetit came with mixed reviews while most of his core audience did not appreciate the album, O.C. considers it to be the “blueprint” that both Jay and Kanye built on when they made this.

I know this because we asked O.C. in our interview (click to read).

PF: Do you regret making Bon Appetit?

OC: Hell no.

PF: No?

OC: Nah. I think I laid a blueprint with that record. And you know, I think a lot of people followed suit. I think that… I think Jay, I think Kanye, I think a few people took that album and took it to the next level. Plus they was on the stage, so you know, it was a better platform for them, doing what I did.

O.C. disappeared from the scene until 2005, when he released his fourth album with Grit Records; Starchild which only dropped as an very limited Japanese/European import and was met with great acclaim. Later that year, he signed with Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings and teamed up with Bronx-native producer Mike Loe, and dropped Smoke and Mirrors.

We’re still waiting for Crooklyn Dodger #2 to drop his forthcoming album “My Soul To Keep” but until then… –Philaflava


Re – Upped

1 Action Guaranteed
2 Burn Me Slow
3 Dangerous Sequel
4 Dignified Soldiers
5 Dignified Soldiers (remix)
6 DJ 279 freestyle
7 Droppin Gramma ( tic mix street)
8 Droppin Gramma (nick wiz original)
9 Freestyle at the Wake Up
10 Full Scale
11 Get Yours (remix)
12 Internationally Known
13 King of NY
14 Lake of Fire
15 Love Child
16 Lyrical Tyrant from loca to global
17 Metal Thangz
18 Metal Thangz (remix)
19 Tony Touch Freestyle
20 O.C.’s Coneects
21 Respect Mine
22 Return to It
23 Rollin
24 Rollin (remix)
25 Stronjay ( unreleased original version)
26 The Club
27 The Triboro
28 Themes,Schemes & Dreams
29 U-N-I
30 Watch Ya Step
31 What I Represent
32 Wordplay
33 Ya Better recognize
34 Your Life
35 Lyrical Tyrants
36 Lyrical Tyrants ( new government remix)


1 Marquee
2 Emotions (remix)
3 Chase game (original)
4 Yes Sir
5 Worst Nightmare
6 Beyond
7 O.C. Interlude
8 If Worlds Could Kill

Peace to Kimani & Hashashin for the hook-up.

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