King Koncepts – Project: Ambershine [Cassette] (1997)

King Koncepts is one half of the group “Fundamentals” of the Bay Area super group “Kemetic Suns.” This is his first and as far as i know his only solo album. A few year later, he and Kirby Dominant made a group called Konceptual Dominance, also Kemetic Suns affiliated. At the time when this tape was dropped, Kemetic Suns members included: KarmaChi, Koncepts, Ayentee Puritan, BayBay Miracle, Asanti Paragon, Hypnotic NativeSon, PrinceRa TBM and Kirbee Dominick.

Tracks from this cassete are managed in 2 separated files, as side a and side b.

Side A
1. Open Sky Intro
2. Remember?
3. Ballad Pt. 1 Feat. Evil East
4. I’d Like To Know Feat. The Artist Presently Known As Me
5. The Prophecy Feat. Merle Corey
6. Book Of The Dead Remix Feat. Evil East
7. Vicious Betrayal

Side B
1. Two M.F.’s Troopin 2 The Sun
2. 360° Beat
3. We & Dem
4. The Gate Feat. Bad Batz Maru (MURS) & Merle Corey
5. Travelin’
6. Present Tense Remix
7. El Cantanto
8. Amber Shine Outro

I would like to say thanks to the T.R.O.Y. forum posters, chillhood, SanFrancisco and former Kemetic Suns member Ayentee for providing me info.

— Markshot

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