T.R.O.Y. 101: Our Favorite Posts

We originally tried to be clever and list 101 of our favorite or most notable posts. We found it nearly impossible to narrow it down, so we wound up with 116. But who’s really counting? This list is for the readers who recently joined us, the ones who check daily and can never seem to catch up, and the occasional visitors who miss out on a lot. Download a rare album for the brothers who ain’t here. Use this as a guide to the blog or as an introduction to T.R.O.Y. for that special someone in your life who still laments the day mom threw all his Stretch & Bobbito tapes in the garbage. If we have one ambition as a team blog, it is to be your one-stop shop for all things throwback and judging by this list, I’d say we’re on our game. Reacquaint yourself with the music you used to love and some you never knew existed, and give us some feedback so we can keep growing and improving.
We recognize that some of the uploads might be in need of refreshing, so leave us a note if that’s the case and we’ll work on it.

What Separates Us From The Rest…
Philaflava.com’s 100 Greatest Obscure Tracks
Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (1-10)
Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (11-20)
Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (21-30)
Fifty RemixesYou Need To Hear (31-40)
Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (41-50)
DJ Premier’s Underacknowledged Cuts
Easy Mo Bee Career Retrospective
Eric B “Eric B”
Rakim “The Cellar” EP
The Fondle ‘Em Collection
L.O.N.S. And The Crisis Of Time, Part 1
XXL: Nas Illmatic, 15 Years Later
20 Hip Hop Songs You Must Listen To Before Voting
Hip Hop Landmarks, Pt. 1
All-Time Favorites
T.R.O.Y.’s 1994 Challenge
Definition of The Remix
Security Blanket
Big L Rarities & Press Kits
Main Source – Lost Science
All The Ras Kass Singles That Really Matter
Obscure Dope Shit From The Late 80s

Analysis & Commentary
Ghostface Killah “The Sun”
Juggaknots “Generally”
Black Sheep “Still In The Ghetto”
The Legion “New Niggas”
RZA “Sunshower”
Das Efx “Hard Like A Criminal”
GP Wu “Black On Black Crime”
An Infamous Genealogy, Pt. 1
Figure Eight: Slavery
Ultramagnetic MCs and Inexplicable Mobility
The Most Prominent Member Out The Group (Pause)

Non Album Tracks
Artifacts Spotlight
Chino XL Spotlight
Diamond D – Non-Album Tracks
Black Sheep – Non-Album Tracks
K-Solo Non-Album Tracks
Leaders Of The New School – Non-Album Tracks
Big Daddy Kane – Non-Album Tracks (1986-1990)
Krs-One – Non-Album Tracks (1986-1997)
JVC Force Non-Album Tracks

Crushin’ competition, dustin’ oppostions (O.C.)
My everyday lifestyle ain’t nuttin’ but a hustle (Smoothe Da Hustler)
My Mic Devotion Brings Out My Deepest Emotions (AZ)
Philaflava Exlusive Prodigy Interview
The Henry Chalfant Interview Part. 1
The Henry Chalfant Interview Part 2

Sounds Like The 90’s
Sounds Like The 90s (Volume 2)
Ego Trip singles – 1979
Ego Trip singles – 1980
Ego Trip Singles – 1981
Ego Trip singles – 1982
Ego Trip singles – 1983
Ego Trip singles – 1984
Ego Trip singles – 1985
Ego Trip singles – 1986
Ego Trip singles – 1987
Ego Trip singles – 1988
Thirty & Good Vol 1 (90s R&B)
Valentine’s Stimulus (90s R&B)
Valentine’s Weekend “Funk Drops” Compilation
Jingle Jangle: Rock The Sleigh Bells
Freshco Compilation (1989-1994)
Balkan Bombing + More: European Union Hip Hop
Philly Retrospective Volumes 2 and 3
Echo (Lyricist Lounge) Mixtapes Vol.2-5
Midwest Compilation
Drug Music
The Headrush
From Where ? …. Ohio ?
dope drops from the land of rain…
Southern Series Volume 1
echo international presents east coast flava (1998)
Shoveling Out The New York Crates
mid-atlantic hip hop volume 2 (1991-2006)
Maintain Compilation

DJ Spinna: Instrumental Review

Guest Bloggers
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/9th Wonder
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Jean Grae
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/ Chip Fu
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Tame One
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/ AJ Woodson (JVC Force)
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/B-Real
T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Superstar Quamallah
The Top 10 Tracks I’ve Produced by LG
Kurious Jorge’s Top 10 Posse Cuts

Diamonds In The Rough
The Diggaman (Lord Digga Discography)
In Search Of A Complete Prince Paul Discography
Omar Epps’ Wolfpack
Ca$h Money Click
PHD (Poet & Hot Day)
Big Kwam
This ol’ clan from Now Born got shit locked…
Paul C. Lives
No My Brother, You’ve Got to Buy Your Own
DJ Spinna: Instrumental Review
DJ PNS – Chicago Rocks Vol.1
New York Undercover – You Get No Respect
90’s Wu-Affliates
Fades ‘Em All…
Drop A Gem On ‘Em

That Backwards Sample
Sample Compilation 3
Les McCann – Samples Volume 1
A Tribute To Freddie Hubbard
Quincy Jones “Summer In The City” Samples
Ultimate Breaks And Beats 16-20
Who Flipped It Better? Company Flow, Parallax, Lord Digga?

Reader-Submitted Material
Soul On Ice Demo Tweaked
Jacking 4 Beats
Nas Meets The Large Professor
I’m Cormega, Raw Forever
Kimani’s Digital Mix For The Whip
Nas “I Am Blends”

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    Thank you very much! New to the blog so this really was needed.

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    I may get fired today

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  4. The Big Sleep says:

    I'm honored to have made the cut. I'll try to get an updated link of Kwam's guest verses up soon. I'm one remix instrumental shy from (what I think but hope isn't) a complete discography.

  5. Yewell81 says:

    thx °)

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