Recap (2/22/09 -2/28/09)

Here’s what you may have inadvertantly slept on this past week:


Rakim “The Cellar EP” – DJ Mike Nice hooked us up with some recently uncovered mid-90s unreleased gems from Rakim. 

XXL “Illmatic, 15 Years Later” – ThomasV scanned the article from XXL’s April 2009 issue so you don’t have to. Reflections on the album from the people who were there, including Large Professor, Pete Rock, MC Serch, DJ Premier, and others.
Balkan Bombing + More: European Hip Hop – New addition to the team Markshot compiled some great cuts from Western and Southeastern Europe. Don’t sleep on this based on some kind of geographical prejudice!
Cloudkicker’s Remix LP + Homegrown Treat – DJ Eli and Shan Boogs put out a remix LP that you slept on. When Verge heard it, he thought some of the interludes could be made into full beats. So he went and did that. 
The Mandolindley Road Show (Paul C. McKasty) – Before teaching Ced Gee, Large Professor, and other pioneers of the break loop how to get down on the SP-12, Paul C. was in a pop-rock band.
More Regional Compilations

Thematic Compilation

February was short but prolific on our end. Catch up on the rest of it:



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