Blog Building: 3/01/09

We’ll Tell You What The ’80s Like
Yeah, you heard right. You got ’nuff skills? Think you can get flexi wit the technique like the greats? Show and prove by clicking on the link above (or on the picture of the Carhartt tag in the sidebar) and sending us your ill flow over rugged beatz, dun.

Sidebar Changes

I changed the “Subscribe” section to “Subscribe & Share” and added a link to bookmark our site at Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and numerous other social bookmarking sites. There’s also an option under each post to “Bookmark/Share”. Not up on social bookmarking? This video explains it plain English, so get with the program. Just because you’re old school doesn’t mean you have to be left behind!

Google has a relatively new service that allows Blogger users to follow and network with other bloggers. I added the widget that shows our current followers, so if you’re a Blogger user and you’re not following us, do so immediately. I’ll start following your blog in return, and if you post something the T.R.O.Y. Movement needs to read I’ll feature it in our “All Eye Seeing” shared items widget. This is also a great way for you to meet like-minded hip hop enthusiasts, and just all around good ol’ folks, right?

We now have the various original covers for out “T.R.O.Y. Presents” homegrown compilations flashing in order, and if you click on the animated .gif you’ll be transported to page with all of the posts linked “troy presents” so you can catch up on the ones you missed.

The results of our first poll are in, and it appears that a large number of readers want us to cover more ’80s rap. Out of 120 votes, ’80s hip hop received just over 50%, with non-U.S. hip hop trailing in second at 22%. We’re excited about the prospect of putting more effort into that decade, especially the pre-’87 era that is so sorely neglected here and in most of the blogosphere. Stay tuned for further coverage, and please give us suggestions on specific artists you’d like to see profiled. Please vote in our next poll on Gangstarr albums, which will go up in the sidebar tomorrow morning.

One more sidebar addition – a search box specific to the blog.

Future Features
  • April is Gangstarr Month
  • Songs That Sample Female Vocals
  • 8-Off (Agallah) Collection
  • More “Who Flipped It Better?” Posts
  • The Connections Between Lord Finesse, Big L, and Youth Crime
  • A really big list of links of the stuff you missed here.
  • Exclusive Ras Kass interview
  • And a whole lot more. All day, everyday. Tell your block.