DJ Dylon b.k.a. Kid Hum "Married To Marijuana" Mixtape

Kid Hum is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Aravada, Colorado. If his stage name sounds familiar it’s because he dropped by here a little while back to discuss the samples he used for his instrumental hip hop album Fossil Fuel. What you may not realize is that Kid Hum is also a DJ who operates under the alias DJ Dylon and has a number of mixtapes under his belt. “Married To Marijuana” is a straight ahead collection of weed anthems from the ’90s chock full of tracks from Organized Konfusion, Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, Gza, Diamond D, and others stressing the positive aspects of smoking that shit. Use the widget below to preview the mixtape.

To download the tape without registering at piff.com, click here: DOWNLOAD DJ Dylon Married To Marijuana Mixtape

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