The Mandolindley Road Show (Paul C. McKasty)

I know what some of you are thinking right about now. You’re saying to yourself what in the hell is this crap and why is it on my beloved T.R.O.Y. blog?

Sit back and let me drop some science for ya’ll. While this might not be classified as hip-hop and for many it won’t exactly be your brand of flavor either, this right here is HISTORY.

Back in November of ’08 we blessed you with Paul C. Lives, an extensive journey into the musical genius of the late great Paul C. McKasty. For those not in the know, Paul C. was a member of the group Mikey D & the L.A. Posse. He also played mentor to Large Professor by schooling him on on how to use the SP-12 drum machine/sampler. When Paul passed, Large Pro took over production duties on much of the music Paul was working on before his death. Large Pro later created his owns publishing company, which is fittingly named Paul Sea Productions.

Large Professor wasn’t the only producer Paul influenced, as both DJ Premier and Pete Rock cite Paul C as an influence as well. In addition he also worked with Eric B. & Rakim, Grandmaster Caz, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud and Stezo to name a few and was responsible for Organized Konfusion‘s (then Simply Too Positive) first demo tape that helped land them a deal with Hollywood Basic.

Out of all of his accomplishments, Paul is probably best known for his work on Ultramagnetic MC’s classic debut album Critical Beatdown. His involvement in this album, as well as his lasting legacy in hip hop, is extensively documented in Dave Tompkins’ article “Travelling At The Speed Of Thought.”

Paul C. began his musical career as a bassist for the pop rock band The Mandolindley Road Show. After the group disbanded, Paul started producing for many hip-hop acts, and because he preferred to work without contracts, he often did not receive credit for his production.

Tragically in ’89 Paul C was found shot to death in Rosedale, Queens, at the age of 24 . His murder was featured on America’s Most Wanted, which lead to the arrest of Derrick “Little Shine” Blair, who was later released due to lack of evidence. The case has yet to be solved.

Today we remember Paul as the fun-loving guy, rap legend and talented musician as we showcase his first group, The Mandolindley Road Show.

The Mandolindley Road Show

(Stuart Rifkin, Lindley Farley, Paul C. McKasty)

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01 Original Man
02 Contrary
03 Medicine
04 You Taught Me Well
05 To Different People, You’re Different Things
06 The Arms Of Danger
07 First To Fight
08 Sentimental Stranger
09 Older Women
10 I’ve Got A Hatchet
11 The Three Cavaliers
12 Graduation
13 Fare-Thee-Well

Here is the groups first video shot in 1985.

Rehearsing at JB Studios in Long Island in June 1985.

Special thanks to our friend Nathan Smart and Mandolindley’s lead Lindley Farley for making this post come to fruition. –Philaflava

Paul C. McKasty

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