Cloudkicker’s Remix LP + Homegrown Treat

This past week at the TROY forum, a new poster named darkO uploaded this album I never knew existed. The Cloudkickers = Dj Eli [of Juggaknots and Night Train Radio fame] and Shan Boogs. The album is full of remixes of songs you know and love, and some you might not have liked the originals. Drizzle provided us with the tracklist and noted how dope the interludes were. I love me some ill interludes, so this prompted me to immediately check this album out.

A1 M.O.P. Pounds Up (Remix) 
Amil 4 Da Fam (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Beanie Sigel , Jay-Z , Memphis Bleek 
Big L Flamboyant (Remix) 
Nas Family (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Mobb Deep 
Dynasty (4) Poisonous Youth (Remix) 
Eve (2) Let’s Talk About (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Drag-On 
QB Finest Street Glory (Remix) 
Krumb Snatcha Closer To God (Remix) 
Redman Funkarama (Remix) 
Tephlon Rawness (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – M.O.P. 
Prodigy Keep It Thoro (Remix) 
Royce Da 5’9″ Let’s Grow (Remix)

Upon further inspection of this album, I immediately recognized the sample on Interlude #7.
I used it myself back in maybe 2003-2004, for an instrumental. I also incorporated another sample from a song that has been flipped many times, even recently. Hmmm, DOOM? Can you catch it?

Cloudkickers – Interlude #7

Verge – Rainy Blaze

Let me know what you think up in the comments.
For more Juggaknots and Cloudkickers material, refer back to our Fondle ‘Em Collection.

There may be a reworking of those interludes soon. So stay tuned.
Also, darkO noted that the Kokomo sample was also used for Smif n’ Wessun – Recognize.
I haven’t heard that cut in years so I’ll have to investigate.
Thanks to darkO and drizzle on the download and assist.


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6 Responses to “Cloudkicker’s Remix LP + Homegrown Treat”

  1. Kimani17 says:

    Seriously Verge, your Rainy Blaze cut is dope, I must admit I haven't even peeped your myspace, but I'll be there shortly.

  2. Markshot says:

    thanks verge for this rainy blaze, its awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The file won't fully extract. After song 11 no other songs will extract. Can you post it again?

  4. verge says:

    Thanks for checking this out and for the positive feedback, fellas. I'll be bringing much more and hopefully people will see the progression.
    @anonymous- I'll have this fixed within the next 20 minutes,hold tight,:pause:

  5. Blazed Out says:

    Anyone have a nice copy of the Speakeasy joint Cloudkickers produced they can upload? Eli played it once or twice on The Night Train.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the re-up homie, the rainy blaze track is fire, keep up the good work.

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