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Most of you probably think that no other hip hop can compare to US hip hop. I agree that there are valid reasons for thinking like that.

But just pause for a minute.

Some of you are also familiar mostly with the UK and French hip hop scene and probably some German hip hop. Have you ever heard some hip hop from Greece, Serbia, Romania, Croatia?

No? Well, if you are interested to hear some, even if you will not understand most of the rapping, this compilation is just right for you. We assure you that you are gonna enjoy these beats and appreciate the rap skills of these artists. Download it, give it a proper listen, get back to us, and let us know what you think. What tracks suit you the most? Would you be willing to hear more European hip hop in the near future? Leave some comments.

01. Mellowman – Ainsi Soit Cool (France)
02. Full Moon – Ja Se Vracam U Svoj Hram (Serbia)
03. Frankie Hi-NRG MC – Gli Accontentabili (Italy)
04. Petter – Tar Det Tillbaka (Sweden)
05. Ominus & DJ ‘S’ – 20 Xronia (Greece)
06. Tram 11 – Hrvatski Velikani (Croatia)
07. Cheloo – Fabricant De Gunoi (Romania)
08. Torch – Als Ich Zur Schule Ging (Feat. Advanced Chemistry) (Germany)
09. Opgezwolle – Opgezwolle De Volle (Netherlands)
10. 43zla – Smokin’ 3 Paklaz (Serbia)
11. Fabe – Ca Fait Partie De Mon Passe (France)
12. Jose – V Letu 00 (Slovenia)
13. Ceza – Kalbim, Rapim, Nefretim, Cezam!! (Turkey)
14. Fidbek – Onde Andas Feat. Martinez (Portugal)
15. S.A.F. – Safra (F.Y.R.O. Macedonia)
16. Bad Balance – My Ne Ljubim, Kogda… (Russia)
17. El Club De Los Poetas Violentos – Mente (Spain)
18. Edo Maajka – Prikaze (Bosnia)
19. K.A.S.T.A. Squad – Peryferie (Poland)
20. Mellowman – Pyromellow (France)
21. Opgezwolle – Bob Sticky (Netherlands)
22. Tram 11 – Jedno (Croatia)

Peep some samples:

Partial Info:
Mellowman is a French hip hop act active during the 1990s.

Full Moon is a rap duo, consists of two MC’s, Juice and Shorty. They released one and only album in 1998.
Soon after the group has split on reason to pursue solo careers.

Frankie Hi-NRG MC – In 1992 he toured Italy sharing the stage with Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. That was a good way to become known before publishing the debut album in 1993, called “Verba Manent”which helped introduce acid jazz and a more funky sound to Italian rap.

Petter debuted in 1998 with the album “Mitt sjätte sinne” (My Sixth Sense),which became a success and started the Swedish hip hop boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He owns a record company called Bananrepubliken. In total, he has 7 albums.

Ominus & DJ “S” met in 1998, but their first album was released in 2002, called “Ominus Speech.”

Tram 11 is a Croatian hip hop duo, formed in 1996 in Zagreb. At that time Croatia had no recognised rappers until Tram 11 emerged in the “Blackout Project” started by the radio station “Radio 101” to promote hip-hop and rap in Croatia.

Cheloo is a member of one of the most famous rap groups in Romania, Parazitii. Television and radio stations were fined for playing some of their videos/songs and two videos were banned outright. Cheloo himself has two albums “Sindromul Tourette” (2003) and “Fabricant de gunoi” (2006).

Torch was among the first German rappers who began rapping in German in the mid-1980s. In 1987, Torch founded the group Advanced Chemistry with Toni L, Linguist, Gee-One and DJ Mike MD.

Opgezwolle is a Dutch rap formation which consists of MCs: Sticky Steez and Freaky Rico, and beatmaker DJ Dippy Delic. In 2001 they recorded their first album “Spuugdingen op de Mic.”

43zla is a duo of two MC’s and producer in the same time. Both are members of a one of the best Serbian hip hop groups ever, Bad Copy.

Fabe made his first steps as a rapper in 1993 and some years later, he was noticed by his performance on the track “faites-vous la guerre, je fais mes affaires”which appeared on the French rap compilation Yellow Productions.

Jose is a part of a Slovenian hip hop duo, Murat & Jose. Songs on this compilation first appeared on the Slovenian hip hop compilation, ” 5’00” Of Fame Za Narodov Blagor”.

Ceza aka Fatalrhymer, teamed up with Turkish rapper and producer Dr. Fuchs to for hip hop group Nefret.
He dropped his first solo album in 2002, “Med-Cezir”, but before that he had two albums with Nefret.

S.A.F. (Sakam Afro Frizura) [in English “I Wish I Had An Afro Hairstyle”], released in 1996 their well-known anti-drug abuse theme called Miss Stone. As the group became critically acclaimed, in the following year they started a music TV show called Hiphop Teza.

Bad Balance is a Russian rap group considered to be one of the first rap acts in USSR. The group maintained a devoted underground following during 1990’s.

Edo Maajka, his first album “SluÅ¡aj Mater” (Listen to Your Mother) was released in Spring of 2002.

K.A.S.T.A. Squad or just K.A.S.T.A. was formed in 1996 by DJ Kut-O and Wall-E. In 2002 they released a double disc album titled Kastaniety which included tracks in both Polish and English.

— Markshot

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