Rakim "The Cellar" EP

Peace to our readers from every corner of the world. I’m going to keep this short and simple. Tweet this: T.R.O.Y. has Rakim The Cellar EP for you to download. ‘Nuff respeck to DJ Mike Nice for the generous hook up.

The facts as they are reported at Soundtable (who collaborated with LA-based Tres Records and NY-based No Sleep Records on this):
Rakim: The Cellar EP
The Cellar EP is a collection of three unheard Rakim sessions and instrumentals; previously unreleased and limited only to this 300 pressed vinyl.

“Man With A Gun”.
Recorded by Rakim in 2002, this song was done strictly for an underground buzz 12” that was never released.

“Once Upon A Rhyme” (Original Version).
Recorded by Rakim in 1995, this song/version was a last minute deletion from the “18th Letter” LP.

BONUS TRACK “Show Me Love” (Rugged Version).
Recorded by Rakim in 1996, this version had to be remixed for the “18th Letter” LP, due to sample clearance issues.

All songs are produced by Nick Wiz.
All scratches are provided by D.J. Slyce.
My take: this shit is really dope. It’s Rakim. “Once Upon A Rhyme” shares some lyrics with “Various Shades Of Black.” It’s a damned shame Rakim didn’t release an album in 1995.
Note: The instrumentals are not included. Cry me a river.
— Thun

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