Recap (2/15/09 – 2/21/09)

Stop sleeping.


Big L Rarities & Press Kits – On the 10th anniversary of the Harlem rapper’s tragic death, Kevin Beacham blessed us with rare tracks (you don’t have these) and press kits from his full-length releases.

Ras Kass – On Earth As It Is … Remix? – What do you do when you can’t find Cut Chemist’s ill blend of Ras Kass’ “On Earth … ” acapella over Ill Mentality’s “Lovin U 4 Dayz”? Well I don’t know what you would do, but Verge’s response was to acquire the necessary ingredients at the T.R.O.Y. Forum and then enlist Vaporized to match them up precisely. This is high level blogging.
14 Fathoms Deep (Seattle 1996) – From where? You heard us right. This isn’t your typical West Coast rap, so leave your tired assumptions at the door and get down.
Les McCann Samples Volume 1 – He was sampled by everyone from Mobb Deep to Saafir to the Bush Babees. Get wise.
Repartee – Apache, De La Soul, Positive K, Viktor Vaughn – Rap’s battles of the sexes. May the best, err, emcee win.
Freshly Ripped From The Crates – Vinyl treats featuring The Ranjahz, Jesse West, Herb McGruff and more.

East Coast Stompin’: 

Mixtape Madness:
Miscellaneous Goodies:

Be on the lookout for future projects including posts on Raekwon and Junot Diaz, Paul C. Mckasty, DJ Eli, European Hip Hop, and much more! — Thun



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