Schoolly D’s Out Cold

For your pleasure, it’s The ultimate Schoolly D mix. Nearly 2 hours of illy from Philly. A chronological exploration of the Evolution of Schoolly D.

Where is Schoolly School now?

Schoolly D is working for Ted Turner, rocking the M.I.C., and giving voice assistance to those ever-twisted Aqua Teens. He also provides Adult Swim with the theme song for one of it’s most dada and surrealistic shows.

Schooly D is an amazing snowboarding ninja, knowingly laughing behind his megaPhonic Hater Blockers, lurking amongst the background fabric of Abel Ferarra’s Masterpiece ‘King of New York’ and booming out the speakers of some DustHead’s boombox in South Philly as we speak.

It’s high time to step up and show respect to the Parkside Killer.


1 Introduction (Chitlin Circuit) (0:41)
2 Housing The Joint (3:05)
3 We Get Ill (2:17)
4 Parkside 5-2 (2:51)
5 Saturday Night (4:22)
6 Gucci Time (2:59)
7 Mr. Big Dick (4:26)
8 Here We Go Again (2:44)
9 Smoke Some Kill (3:27)
10 Another Poem (4:15)
11 Same White Bitch (Got You Strung Out On Cane) (4:09)
12 Treacherous (4:02)
13 Black Man (2:47)
14 Fat Gold Chain (1:46)
15 Black (0:20)
16 Gangster Boogie (3:56)
17 It’s Like Dope (3:54)
18 D Is For (3:23)
19 Black Attack (1:03)
20 Who’s Schoolin’ Who? (3:20)
21 Mama Feelgood (3:24)
22 Education Of A Black Man (1:59)
23 Black Jesus (3:51)
24 Super Nigger (1:55)
25 Am I Black Enough For You? (4:29)
26 Don’t Call Me Nigger (3:16)
27 Run (3:49)
28 King Of New York (4:34)
29 Die Nigger Die (3:57)
30 How A Black Man Feels (3:50)
31 Peace To The Nation (4:27)
32 Welcome To America (4:02)
33 Gangster Tripping (4:16)
34 I Wanna Get Dusted (4:13)

Check out our homie Eyes and Teeth from Beats and Blood who’s responsible for this gem.

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3 Responses to “Schoolly D’s Out Cold”

  1. T.R.O.Y. says:

    No better time than "Saturday Night" to dig on some Schooly D, right?

  2. dochiphop says:

    nice compilation!! Thanx. Does anybody have schoolly d's 12" cold blooded blitz??

  3. Marvin says:

    This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

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