14 Fathoms Deep (Seattle 1996)

Fourteen Fathoms Deep is a semi-obscure compilation from The Emerald City. The vibe on this cd is mostly rugged and moody which is appropriate for a place that gets about 50 inches of rain a year. If you need some heady tunes for zoning out during the winter months, this is the ticket. Seattle’s Scene is a bit different from its neighbors. The gritty nature of this collection is worlds away from much of the keyboard funk the west coast is known for. Shift gears and take a ride, northwest style.


01 (03:03) sinsemilla – drastic measures
02 (03:29) 22nd precinct – great outdoors
03 (04:36) mad fanatic ft ragchyld – official members
04 (04:44) dms – keep da change
05 (04:14) source of labor – cornbread
06 (04:42) ghetto children – court’s in session
07 (06:28) narcotik ft infinite – all up in my mix
08 (03:37) jace ft dionna – ghetto star
09 (03:50) kylin – can
10 (04:27) prose & concepts – higher places
11 (04:20) ns (of the o.n.e. corporation) – insomniak museick
12 (02:52) blind council – interrogation
13 (03:56) union of opposites ft shonuph – continuations
14 (08:54) the crew clockwise – a new day

Some of these artists were also featured on other Seattle compilations in the mid 90’s. A few of them are ‘Untranslated Prescriptions – A Tribal Compilation’ (1995), ‘Do The Math’ (1996) and ‘Word Sound Power’ (1997). This one was released by ‘Loose Groove’ Records in 1996. Let me know if you want more northwest flavor, I’ll be glad to oblige!


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4 Responses to “14 Fathoms Deep (Seattle 1996)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    these are a good break from all the g-funk posts

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, glad ya like! My taste is pretty varied, so if you want more material like this let me know!


  3. SOC4L says:

    thanks im feelin it would lik to see some more

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey great blog! you happen to have any Specs One? that return of the artist or other?

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