DJ Cut Killer – Mixtape N11 (1995) + Bonus

Here’s a mixtape from 1995 mixed by DJ Cut Killer. In the mid Nineties Cut Killer started to develop the mix tape scene in France. These tapes showcased his DJ skills and supported progressive freestyles from French artists. He is the very first one to follow in the footsteps of early Hip Hop mixtape pioneers Kid Capri, Doo Wop, Ron G and DJ Clue.This cemented Cut Killers name throughout France and later in Europe.

Side A:
1 Cut Killer & La Cliqua – 119.7 FM “La Cliqua Show”
2 Brother Arthur – Year Of The 9
3 Democrates D – Le Crime
4 Cut Killer & La Cliqua Interlude – Represent La Cliqua 89.4 FM
5 L.O.T.U.G. – What I’m After
6 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – In The House
7 Wu-Tang Clan – Can I Be So Simple (Remix)
8 Cut Killer & La Cliqua – La La La La Cliqua !! 106.3 FM
9 Redman – Rockafella
10 Crossfire – Feel The Void
11 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – I Get Physical
12 Cut Killer – Biz Vs Da Youngsta’s
13 Cut Killer & La Cliqua – La Frequence De Qui ? La Cliqua !!

Side B:
1 Coup D’Etat & La Squadra – Freestyle Vocal
2 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Take You There (Remix)
3 L.O.T.U.G. – Faith
4 Dana Barros – Check It (Remix)
5 Miss Jones, Rampage – ???
6 Genius – I Gotcha Back
7 Flatlinerz – Satanic Verses
8 Cut Killer & La Cliqua – 1289.5 FM Par K.O.
9 Society – Yes N Deed
10 Method Man – Meth Vs Chef
11 World Renown – Come Take A Ride
12 De’ 1 – Uneke
13 Gravediggaz – Constant Elevation / 1800 Suicide
14 Keith Murray, Redman – How’s That

As a bonus, here’s the vls of track 2 from Side A. It probably is the lesser-known track out of the whole mix. DJ Premier would later cut the line”such a pity that living in the city is like living in the time of Frank Nitti” for the chorus of Group Home’s Up Against The Wall. The A-Side is What You Gonna Do is another strong track from Brother Arthur!

A1. What You Gonna Do (Original Version)
A2. What You Gonna Do (Instrumental Version)
A3. What You Gonna Do (Acapella Version)
B1. Year Of The 9 (Original Version)
B2. Year Of The 9 (Instrumental Version)
B3. Year Of The 9 (Acapella Version)

Producer: Brother Arthur, Chuck Chillout

Co-production credits goes to Ramon “Bro Sham” and Lionel “Big Geno” McKee for Bald Nation Production. Big Geno’s the one on the cuts.

Props to Ho1oramz for Brother Arthur!

— Thomas V

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