Ras Kass – On Earth As It Is…Remix?

Alright, this is NOT an official remix but it would definitely befit you to give this a listen. Here’s the story behind it:

Back in between 1994 and 1996, I stumbled upon a purple Cut Chemist mix tape. It was well mixed and full of the latest material from mostly independent labels and some majors, from what I remember. What really stood out to me was this Ras Kass remix of On Earth As It Is…

Through years and years of diggin’ and searching, I pretty much gave up on ever hearing it again. Then, one day while digging through a 3 dollar bin at this little record shop in Jersey City,
I found this Ill Mentality record called Lovin’ U4 Dayz. I remembered the song and thought it was cool, but no big deal. But when I threw the remix for it on, I nearly fell out. It was the same exact beat as that Ras Kass I had been looking for. Hmmm.

A couple of month’s ago, Markshot[from the T.R.O.Y. forum in Philaflava] uploaded all those mid 90’s Ras Kass singles. On the flipside of the Anything Goes single, I saw the Acapella version of On Earth As It Is…
That’s when my dumb ass realized there never was an officially released remix of it and that Cut Chemist must have blended the Ras Kass vocals over the Lovin’ U4 Dayz Remix instrumental.

I sent the aforementioned mp3s to our resident blend master, vaporized[who also championed the I Am blends and the Nas meets Large Pro blends]. The finished product is dope.

In discogs, it says that the original version of Lovin’ U4 Dayz was produced by Nick Wiz and that the remix was freaked by Prince Ad. But you can never tell with discogs since their information is usually submitted by sellers.
Ras Kass – On Earth As It Is… (remix -blended by vaporized)

Ill Mentality – Lovin’ U4 Dayz (QBC Illstrumental)

Ras Kass – On Earth As It Is…(Original Radio Version)

Download all here

Props to vaporized for the blend and kimani on the assist.

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