New Jersey Underground Part 2

Here’s volume 2 from the New Jersey series. Getting a couple non-nj artists on these seems to be par for the course so let’s concentrate on the material which actually IS from New Jersey. This is rugged, underground boom bap, no frills and no filler. I know a few of these tracks might familiar. I am hoping some of them are new to your ears as well.


01 (03:25) Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion (Newark 1992)
02 (04:49) Diezzle Don & The Govna – Time Slips (Newark 1995)
03 (04:42) Brick Mob – Brain Storm (Newark 1996)
04 (04:46) Krucked M-Age – Represent (Jersey City 1995)
05 (04:45) Ill Al Scratch – Get Dough (New York, woops 1994)
06 (04:36) Organized Konfusion – Prisoners of War (New York, woops 1991)
07 (04:29) Foundation 7 – Compredator (Newark 1991)
08 (03:56) Double X Posse – Executive Class II (Jersey City 1992)
09 (04:53) Kirk – Feel The Boom (Newark 1994)
10 (04:31) Brick Mob _ We Be Wilin’ On The Set (Newark 1996)
11 (03:35) Bizear Intellectual – Silent Attack (Jersey City 1994)
12 (04:16) Artifacts – Boulevard Connect (Newark 1995)
13 (04:15) Young Gifted – Creepshow (Jersey City 1996)
14 (04:30) Illa Killa – Strictly Difficult (Newark 1994)
15 (03:01) Flavor Unit Featuring Rottin Razkals – Enough is Enough (Newark 1993)
16 (03:57) Born Discipline – Where You At (Jersey City 1992)
17 (05:57) Lifers Group – Belly Of The Beast (Newark 1991)
18 (03:31) Dollar Bill & Cutmaster KG – Almighty Seven (Newark 1991)
19 (03:59) The Muck Men – Monkey Say Monkey Do (Newark 1994)

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7 Responses to “New Jersey Underground Part 2”

  1. pimpboybrooklyn77 says:

    hey man i been looking for that Artifacts Boulevard Connect for a long time thanks a lot but what I really want it to know do you have anything by Tracey Lee and the R.N.F call Takin' Over (Sampler…Summer '97) (Vinyl, EP)

  2. Sun Zoo says:

    wassup…i been waiting on confirm to your forum but in the meantime i have a question or request…i'm looking for a japanese compilation cd called "flow life – with sunshine". if anyone is able to hook that up, i'd be heavily in debt. peace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    didn't know this was a request blog now…

  4. verge says:

    There's definitely some names I'm not familiar with on here. Can't wait to hear this shit when I get home. Thanks Sfan.
    @Sun Zoo and Pimpboy77- Register at http://www.Philaflava.com , go to the T.R.O.Y. forum where you'll see multiple Request threads that are extremely helpful. I can pretty much guarantee that most of your requests will be fulfilled there.
    In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for those requests. Peace..Verge

  5. SOC4L says:

    thanks for keepin me up on that underground NJ hip hop wit these great compilatons

  6. Anonymous says:

    Vol. 1 of the NJersey series was awesome, and this one is pretty good as well. Love that dopey Muck Men track, the classic 1988 sound of Dollar Bill & Kutmaster KG, and the unbeatable 'prisoners of war' (what a classic).

  7. Anonymous says:

    Right on, thanks for all the comments! You all will be digging the later volumes, coming up soon.


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