Freshly Ripped From The Crates

After finally figuring out how to rip from Vinyl to Mp3, I started ripping a few rarities from my own collection. I will be posting a few 12″s from now on focusing on VLS that haven’t been ripped on any other blog. Let me start by reviewing these 3 12″s that I will share with you. Oh, if you want to start ripping 12″s, just buy this cable from RadioShack, you don’t need to buy a usb turntable if you already got the ones and twos…

A1. Daily Basis (Radio Edit)
A2. Daily Basis (Uncut Version)
A3. Daily Basis (Instrumental)
A4. Daily Basis (Clean Acappella)
B1. Street Life (Daily Basis Remix) (Radio Version)
B2. Street Life (Daily Basis Remix) (Uncut Version)
B3. Street Life (Daily Basis Remix) (Instrumental)

My first treat comes straight from the land of Brooklyn, NY. The Ranjahz , consisting of duo Haph & Wais, released their first wax in 1996. The A-Side(Called Troy Ave. Side) features four versions of “Daily Basis”, a track produced by legendary Big Jaz. The B-Side (Called Utica Ave. Side) is the remix version of Daily Basis titled “Street Life”. While it’s titled as a remix, it features new lyrics as well as a new beat by DJ Clark Kent. Both tracks were recorded at D&D Studios. The Ranjahz would later get a deal with Roc-A-Fella and be part of Team ROC. They would also drop their first album in 2003 titled “Who Feels It Knows”.

A1. Reality (It’s Clean)
A2. 360° (Circles Remix / Clean)
A3. 360° (Circles Remix / Dirty)
A4. 360° (Instrumental)
B1. Circles (Clean)
B2. Circles (Instrumental)
B3. Softest Nigg*s In N.Y. (Clean)
B4. Softest Nigg*s In N.Y. (Dirty)

This next single is from 3rd Eye Aka Jesse West. It was released on Sure Shot Recordings in 1997. The first track is titled “Reality”, it’s my favorite track of the four. It samples the first part of Bob Marley’s Burnin & Lootin’. The energy 3rd Eye brings on the track is incredible! The next track is 360°. You can hear 3rd Eye sampling Milt Jackson’s Enchanted Lady, same sample from Large Professor’s Ijuswannachill. Both of these tracks were featured on 3rd Eye’s solo album “Planets” though. Next we have the exclusives that weren’t released anywhere except on the 12″. Circle is another great laid-back track. Then you have “Softest Nigg*s In N.Y.”, a hard grimey N.Y. type of hip-hop song. It features duo 730 and additional verse by 3rd Eye.

A1. Mary J. Blige – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
B2. Herb Mcgruff – I Know We Can Do It


Here’s a promo 12″ that was released to promote the soundtrack of New York Undercover. It has one track on both sides; an RnB one and a hip hop one. The A-Side features a cover of Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” done by Mary J. Blige. It is produced by Jason Mtume. Now, the b-side is the reason why I bough this 12″. It features Harlem’s Herb Mcgruff on his first solo appearance on wax in “I Know We Can Do It”. It is produced by Mcgruff’s mentor Heavy D as well as co-produced by Bad-Boy heavyweight Easy Mo Bee.

— Thomas V

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3 Responses to “Freshly Ripped From The Crates”

  1. Jon says:

    I highly recomend that 3rd eye shit. i was gonna rip my copy and put it on here. jesse west was a dope producer.

  2. verge says:

    Damn, I forgot all about that Ranjahs – Street Life cut. That beat is schmoov. I'm diggin' the 3rd Eye – Reality track, too. Thanks.

  3. hooks says:

    i've been using wavepad by nch, you can turn the vinyl rips into whatever format you desire, waves, mp3s, mp4s the choice is yours but you can bit by bit make your vinyl ipod friendly and also use the same programme to record mixes, compress to rar, upload and distribute to your friends!
    technology can be used to the good afterall, nice post by the way, much appreciated


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