Vinyl Selections: Masta Ace, God Sunz, Dee Surreal

What’s the deal people? Its Tired & Broke (from 12inchers),and I was granted the great opportunity to bring 3 select pieces of wax from my little collection and share with the visitors of this site.

The first treat I have served up is from the Tru Criminal Catalog and features the duo God Sunz with O.G.C. number 1 Starang Wondah on the banger “1-718.” This is a single track 12” with 4 versions of the song including Dirty, Clean, Instrumental & Accapella. “1-718” features all 3 emcees going back and forth rhyming a few bars and then allowing the next man come in and kick another random 2 to 3 bars. This track isn’t anything ground breaking but its surprisingly effective. The eerie synths with the simple beat provide the perfect layer for hood inspired metaphors and mic tough talk.

The next single is an unknown gem from an emcee named Dee Surreal. I honestly don’t know anything about dukes beside the 12” piece of wax I own of his. The A-Side, “Beast Within” is decent but clearly gets outshined by the B-Side, “Call Of The Wild.” On “Call Of The Wild” Dee gets blessed with an ill piano back drop with heavy drums and shows more of his talent on this track. His first lines describe him perfectly, ..Survival Of The fit and it won’t quit/ while 99.9% don’t know jack about this rap nigga, figure it out. It seems clear Dee knows not too many ears will hear this, but as long as u got crate addicts like me I hope to change that. Dee Surreal also delivers clever lines like…Napoleon rippin every Bone Apart… to flex some wordplay for the listeners. The next snappin beat provided by his producer, Cave Precise, is the icing on the cake even tho the intro/outro to “Call Of The Wild” are pretty detestable. Single includes LP Version, Radio Version and Instrumental for both tracks.

The last piece of wax of this trio is another collaboration between J-Love and the Juice Crew legend Masta Ace. These 2 first hooked up on the ill “NFL” 12” Single and the outcome was a treat for all hip-hop heads. This time around we get a 2-track delight with “3Some” and “Splash.” The A-Side, “3Some” consist of Ace using his elaborative story-telling skills. It starts with him describing his man Shawn and his past, then he quickly shifts to the present, where Shawn meets a female and things pick up from there. The end to this joint is pretty slick and shows why Masta Ace is one of the best to ever do it. The next joint “Splash” is a smooth late night banger that originally appeared on Tommy Boy’s “Hip-Hop 101”. J-Love impresses with more smooth production that allows Masta Ace to splash on the track. Ace shows more lyrical prowess with bars like …Got Spice like Dijon/ My Legion from the Brooklyn Region/, Ima preach on/ And baby if you 19 like Keyshawn/ Ima go Deep on it/So don’t sleep on it. Overall this is easily a great commodity to have in the crates (as well as the 2 previously mentioned pieces of wax.) It comes with Dirty, Clean & Instrumental versions. Enjoy.

Download All 3

Tired & Broke

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