JVC Force – Non-Album Tracks

I love me some JVC Force.

Props to the Meaning Of Dope blog for inspiring me to put this compilation together. M.O.D. is one of my favorite spots for rare video footage, and while they don’t post much audio, they recently unearthed a batch of JVC gems that are just way too dope for the senses (tracks 1, 4, and 9-11).

JVC Force – Non-Album Tracks
1. Late 80s Freestyle
2. Strong Island (Blue Mix)
3. Doin’ Damage (Original Version)
4. Red Alert Promo #1 (1989)
5. We Got Our Own Thing
6. Nu Skool (Original Version)
7. Love Line
8. Force Field (Alternate Mix)
9. Red Alert Promo #2 (1992)
10. Stretch & Bobbito Promo (1993)
11. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session
12. Big Trax
13. 6 Feet Back On The Map (Hardcore Mix-Up)
14. 6 Feet Back On The Map (Bedside Manor Mix)
15. Strong Island (Instrumental)


Late 80s Freestyle

Doin’ Damage (Original Version)

Red Alert Promo #1 (1989)

Force Field (Alternate Mix)

Red Alert Promo #2 (1992)

–Roy Johnson

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6 Responses to “JVC Force – Non-Album Tracks”

  1. dochiphop says:

    this is a nice post. Good ish here. Thanx!!

  2. Thun says:

    Always been a fan of JVC, and even more in recent years. I know this will sound blasphemous but these days I'd much rather listen to them than EPMD.

  3. wc says:

    MOD also a favorite spot for me.

    You should look into

  4. Awkward says:


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