New Jersey Underground Part 1 (1993-1996)

Here’s a nice underground lineup, mostly New Jersey artists. Exceptions would be daddy-o and organized konfusion. This is volume 1 of 16 (mostly) New Jeruz compilations I’ve done. Fav tracks on this are numbers 1, 4, and 7. Logic’s track is hot. I don’t know if he ever did anything else besides this. If anyone can shed some light it would be most appreciated.


01. (03:32) mr low kash and da shady bunch – 01 who you with (jersey city 1996)
02. (03:28) artifacts – 02 notty headed nigguhz (newark 1994)
03. (03:55) apache – 03 get ya weight up (newark 1993)
04. (04:31) logic – 04 bust a funky rhyme (jersey city 1994)
05. (03:34) rottin razkals – 05 come on y’all (newark 1994)
06. (03:37) naughty by nature – 06 the hood comes first (newark 1993)
07. (04:45) young zee – 07 dont fuck wit new jersey (jersey city 1996)
08. (04:24) down n’ dirty tribe – 08 mindtrix (cipher mental mix)(hoboken 1994)
09. (04:01) organized konfusion – 09 stress (1994)
10. (04:40) chino xl – 10 no complex (newark 1996)
11. (04:29) poor righteous teachers – 11 nobody move (trenton 1993)
12. (03:52) ill al skratch – 12 chill with that (easy mo bee radio mix)(newark 1995)
13. (03:59) junior mafia – 13 crazaay (jersey city 1995)
14. (04:45) daddy-o – 14 swung it, blunted, brung it (1993)
15. (04:30) yz – 15 second to nobody (newark 1993)
16. (03:48) ready ta roll – 16 taste the flavor (newark 1994)
17. (04:06) live squad – 17 shit list (newark 1992)
18. (02:47) lords of the underground – 18 lord jazz hit me one time (newark 1993)

Also, if I got any the locations/years wrong, feel free to make corrections. I consider this blog a collaborative effort between contributors and readers so feel free to chip in!


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15 Responses to “New Jersey Underground Part 1 (1993-1996)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Junior Mafia, Ill Al Skratch, Live Squad aint from Jersey. JM and Ill Al Skratch are from Brooklyn. Live Squad are from QB. It's a good mix, but some of the info is off.

  2. Krisch says:

    Live Squad is not from QB but from QU, Ill Al Skratch are from Brooklyn/Uptown.

  3. Krisch says:

    Naughty By Nature are from East Orange not Newark, I think the same thing with Chino XL, Rottin Razkals Apache.

    Young Zee and the Outsidaz are from Newark.

  4. Krisch says:

    Sorry, but I can't see the sense of this being an "Underground" compilation, when half of the artists were well known in their era and on big rap labels.

  5. Thun says:

    Maybe because "underground" never neccesarily meant "unsigned" or independent?

    There's been ample discussion of these distinctions on the internet for years. Let's discuss the music and its merits, it is so much more productive. — Thun

  6. Thun says:

    Oh and YZ is from Hightstown, NJ.

  7. Krisch says:

    Yeah, I know, I was just thinking that people visiting this blog already know "19 Naughty III", "Here Come The Lords", "Between A Rock.." etc.

  8. Thun says:

    We don't only post music that is unknown or enormously obscure. Not all of our readers are Scandinavian 20 year olds thirsting to rep for da four elementz.

    With that said, there are several tracks on this comp that definitely fall under the category "obscure".

    Maybe the point of this compilation is to illustrate how both obscure and semi-known (none of the tracks here are famous singles) tracks sound good together?

    Maybe … just maybe … you should LISTEN to it first?

    Just throwing a few ideas out there.

  9. Krisch says:

    Scandinavian? Rep for da elementz but only with a z, whatever.

  10. Anonymous says:

    sorry (ease back and let it hit ya)????????

  11. Anonymous says:


    Stay tuned for later volumes if you are looking for more obscure material. Some of these tracks were commmon, some weren't but that wasn't really the point to begin with. It's more about capturing the sound of a particular region.

    Did you download this and listen to it ?


  12. Krisch says:

    @Schenectadyfan: didn't mean to offend. Was just a little disturbed to find OK, Ill Al Skratch or Junior M.A.F.I.A. on a New Jersey comp.

    I didn't download it cause I know most of it. But I will check out the upcoming volumes.



  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Krisch says:


  15. owvbics says:

    any chance any of these NJ mixes can get reposted? non of them seem to work.
    please, thanks
    blazetone NJ

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