The Redefinition Of Time Travel #2 w/ Kevin Beacham

The Redefinition Of Time Travel #2: A Kool G Rap classic

Kool G Rap “I Declare War”
By now, if you are a internet savvy ‘80s Hip Hop fiend, you are probably aware about the Juice Crew EP of unreleased gems that just dropped [all Produced By Marley Marl]. I don’t know if there is info out there on the year this was done but I’d say early ’88 based on the style, some of the references, and I’m guessing that sped up “Terrorist” scratch in the intro is from “Juice Crew All Stars” (’87).

The third verse is definitely the best and where he flexes the style that originally made him recognized as one of the greats. It’s essentially a battle rap challenging anyone in the industry with lines like, “Point out any rapper and I’ll diss em” or “I got a track for every rapper on the map”.

The line that left the biggest impression on me was his “I’m Kool G Rap, you can call me G. I’m not scared of any K, any J, or any D”. Immediately when I heard that I thought of it as a challenge to others with “Cool” names, particularly “Cool J” and “Kool D” (who had a record on Wildpitch in ’88). I haven’t been able to figure who the Kool K is…maybe Kool Keith? (I’m probably reaching there). Of course this is all speculation but it seems logical by using those particular letters that he is being specific, that could be one of the reasons why the song was never released, who knows. I put the job on some other blogger to interview Kool G Rap about that….ha
I Declare War: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y6jcxk

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-Kevin Beacham

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