Last Emperor’s Demos

The King of Da Crates also known as
DJ Mike Nice recently laced us a demo tape by Philly native Last Emperor. This is the tape that Last Emperor submitted to Rawkus in ’96. The demo tape would contain future classic track “Secret Wars”. Last Emperor told Mike that it took him a year to write the song. Vincent Lopez(THIMK), a friend of Jamal Gray Aka Last Emperor, wrote about “Secret Wars” a few months ago on his blog. Last Emperor gained undergound popularity by appearing at the Lyricist Lounge as he always ripped the mic. Last Emperor is also considered one of the best lyrical emcee. Mos Def once said in
a discussion about “the greatest emcee of all time”: “Some Cats might say Jay-Z or Last Emperor”.
Vincent Lopez recently dug in his Timberland’s box full of cassettes and found demos & freestyles that he had of Last Emperor. You can check it here. (note: it includes some of the demos that Mike also had ripped, others are in next link)

Here’s a second compilation of other rarities of Last Emperor that weren’t included on Vince’s incredible post. (consists of tracks upped by philosophic-robert42hjh, godmc, verge, mike nice, and me).
Click Here to Download

— Thomas V

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