January Recap

The world is kinda cold and the rhythm is our blanket. If you were busy chopping fire wood or dreaming of a tropical escape this month, we understand. Take the time to get reacquainted with our blog and all that we have to offer. Don’t let Jack Frost do you  in. 

Massive Undertakings – The biggest, most comprehensive, or most difficult projects we got ourselves mired in.

Easy Mo Bee Career Retrospective – He was left out of the Notorious flick but he produced some of your favorite hip hop songs of all time without you even knowing it.
The Best Links Since We Entered The Scene – We compiled and organized the best links the rest of the blogosphere had to offer in the last quarter of ’08.
Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 – We chose fifty incredible remixes, skipping over the blatantly obvious ones to bring you the gems you might’ve missed. Download all fifty of them together in one file here.
All-Time Favorites – Slug, Tame One, Opio, DJ Muggs, DJ Evil Dee, and others chime in on their favorite 12″ singles, LPs, remixes, etc.
Sounds Like The 90s, Volume I – Compilation of contemporary songs that remind us of our favorite era, with songs from artists like MURS, Blu, Jay Electronica, Souls Of Mischief, Large Professor, Dela, Elzhi, and others.
Main Source “Lost Science” – You heard it here first, so show us ’nuff respecks.
DJ Premier’s Underacknowledged Cuts – Ego Trip made it a hot list, we made it a hot compilation. 

Reader-Submitted MaterialIn the blogosphere’s atomic structure, we are the nucleus. The center of the group – we, us, every site, every blog, every ripping crew. Join the TROY Movement today. 

Kimani’s Digital Mix For The Whip – A harder-edged mix featuring the likes of Ak Skills, Blahzay Blahzay, etc. Split into two files suitable for burning onto CDs.

I’m Cormega, Raw Forever – The homie Truth King’s sixty track Cormega compilation.
Jacking 4 Beats – Step One’s compilation of tracks propelled by borrowed beats.
Kimani’s Recent Playlist – Right off his iPod, and it’s a great mix!
Nas Meets The Large Professor – Large Pro’s recent instrumentals + Nas acapellas = another hit for Vaporized.

Samples & GroovesRespect the architects.

A Tribute To Freddie Hubbard – The gifted and prolific trumpeter is no longer with us but his music lives on. 44 tracks including originals and songs that sampled them. 
Ultimate Breaks And Beats 16 -20 – The breaks that built hip hop, now in convenient mp3 form.
On The Starting Line … Funk Marathon 2 – An eight hour obscure funk/soul compilation painstakingly designed for interstate travel. 
Kid Hum On Fossil Fuel Samples – Producer Kid Hum drops science on the samples flipped for his new instrumental album, Fossil Fuel.
Quincy Jones “Summer In The City” Samples – Classic tracks by The Pharcyde, The Roots, and Black Moon sample this song. So why haven’t you heard it yet?
Monty Alexander “Love & Happiness” Samples – Beatnuts “Let Off A Couple” and Apache’s “Gangsta Bitch” sample from the same song … and you slept on it … because … why?
Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” Samples – The greatest song of the 20th Century lives on.
Kool And The Gang Samples Volume 2 – Do you cringe when you hear “Celebration” knowing well they had dozens of superior songs? Me too. Expect a dozen more volumes of this series at the least.
The Backwards Sample – Onyx and Pumpkinhead freaked the same sample in opposite ways. Who woulda thunk it?
Das Efx “What More Can I Say” Samples – The tiggity tongue twisters friggitty freaked some diggity dope samples.
Artist Spotlights – There’s more than meets the ear to your favorite artists. You copped the official  tapes and CDs, now dig deeper.
Artifacts Spotlight – Their freestyles, b-sides, remixes, and rarities.
Shakespeare The One Man Army – Rare recordings from the underground legend, compiled by Kevin Beacham.
Leaders Of The New School Non-Album Tracks – B-sides and rarities from the inventors of the East Coast Stomp.
Mommy, What’s A Gravedigga? – B-Sides, remixes, and assorted odds and ends. Submitted by readerFatFaceFreddy.
Black Sheep Non-Album Tracks – Dres in the mic + Mista Lawnge on the boards = better than most acts that are more appreciated.
Clear The Harbor – His moniker was Poops, and you probably haven’t heard of him. But believe it or not, he was a legend in the making.
Resident Alien Discography – Prince Paul’s conceptual project was shelved prematurely but the discography see the light of day in mp3 form.
Rare Vinyl – The pleasure’s in the hunt but for those of you with day jobs, here’s the end result of digging.

Beats From No I.D. & Dug Infinite – A rare vinly piece called “The Sampler Vol. I” featuring instrumentals from the two producers most famous for their work with Common.
PHD (Poet & Hot Day) – Poet bka Blaq Poet and producer Hot Day’s discography as a duo, available for download. A must for fans of non-progressive Queensbridge dun rap.
Dollar Bin Gem Pieces, Pt 2 – Keith Murray “Pay Your Dues” and Kool Keith “Slide We Fly”.
Masters Of The Zooniverse – The other Brooklyn Zoo.
Rare Tapes, Demos, CDs, Mixes, Compilations, etc. – This is where we’d like to believe our Stretch & Bobbito influence shines through, yo.
Top Secret It Ain’t Over Yet – An underground tape from Canada, circa 1993.
Guage aka The Mental Murdereh – Six track demo from Brooklyn rapper of “Cranium” fame. Post includes image file of Kevin Beacham’s review of the tape.
Dan-E-O “Dear Hip Hop EP” – The 1993-1997 output of a dope Canadian emcee.
DJ Mike Nice “Cracking The Surface” – Circa 1997 mixtape featuring freestyles from unsigned artsists. Featuring AL Skillz, Necro, Non Phixion, Main One, A Butta, and more.
Beatminerz “Unmarked Music Vol I.” Mix CD – There are remixes here you haven’t heard. Trust.
Shades Of Brooklyn/ Evil Dee Mixtapes – Everything you ever needed to know or hear from your favorite Black Moon affiliates.
Fades ‘Em All – Jamal was iller than you remember.
IV Life – So was King Tee.
Forever Constipated – Excellent compilation celebrating the life and works of Kurios Jorge.
Ca$h Money Click – No, not Weezy and his pappy, the other Cash Money people. Ja-Rule prior to his R&B duet days.
Regional Compilations It’s not all about NYC and the Bay Area, dunny. 

Chicago Instrumentals: Soul-Jazz Edition – The late 90s beats emanating from The Windy City that were spiced up by soul-jazz samples, from artists like Common, No ID, All Natural, Grav, etc.
Mid-Atlantic Hip Hop Volume Three (1993-2002) – The part of the East Coast that is usually slept on – DC, Carolinas, Tidewater, Maryland, etc.
Philly Retrospective Volume 5 – More tracks from the City of Brotherly Love. Ram Squad, Aphillyation, The Roots, etc.
East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 1 – Be on the lookout for volumes 2 through 108. You read that correctly.
North Vs. South (Carolina) – A friendly civil war from the slept on “Cakalak” region.
Southern Series Volume 1 – Why’s everybody so mad at the south, for? They’ve been doing it right for years.
Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Volume 1 – Thought this area was all House and Go-Go music? Get wise.
Analysis & Commentary – Wee b reeding dem bookz u kno.
Figure Eight “Trancendence” – Eight songs that seek to elevate your mind and soul.
L.O.N.S. And The Crisis Of Time, Pt. 1 – Why LONS’ first album isn’t all fun and games like you thought.
An Infamous Genealogy, Pt. 1 – How Mobb Deep’s musical predecessors helped shaped them into masters of their craft.
Security Blanket – Why Midnight Marauders never fails to disappoint even today.
Hip Hop Landmarks – Using Google Maps to take a look at a few places in NYC made famous by rap music.
Ego Trip Singles 1986 and 1987 – Where it all started to get really, really good. The beginning of the New School of rap. Drum loops. Futuristic rhymes. “Criminal Minded,” “Eric B. Is President,” “Rebel Without A Pause,” etc.
D-Sturbed Words – Loki’s parodic review of D-Stroy’s slam poetry parody.
The Redefinition  Of Time Travel w/ Kevin Beacham – Kevin reminisces over his highly acclaimed radio show.
— Thun