Brand Nu Mixtape

Although this mixtape first circulated in ’04 as a promo for the Nubian release Fire In The Hole. This mixtape features Brand Nubian classics, guest spots and exclusives freestyles that makes this worthy of your right-click. –Philaflava

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730 Presents The Brand Nu Mixtape

01 Brand Nubian Brand Nubian Intro
02 Brand Nubian 730 Freestyle (Exclusive)
03 Brand Nubian Who Wanna Be A Star (New Single)
04 Brand Nubian Sadat X Acapella (Exclusive)
05 Sadat X Come On Featuring – Notorious B.I.G.
06 Sadat X Games Featuring – Big L , Guru
07 Brand Nubian Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down
08 Grand Puba Skinz Featuring – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
09 Grand Puba & Sadat X I Flip Styles Featuring – D.I.T.C.
10 Grand Puba 360 Degrees (What Goes Around)
11 Lord Jamar Oz Theme Featuring – Kool G Rap , Talib Kweli
12 Brand Nubian Thief’s Theme Freestyle (730 Exclusive)
13 Brand Nubian Lean Back Freestyle (730 Exclusive)
14 Brand Nubian Just Don’t Learn (Exclusive Snippet from “Fire In the Hole”)
15 Grand Puba Are You Ready Featuring – Beatnuts, The
16 Grand Puba Understand This
17 Brand Nubian All For One
18 Grand Puba & Sadat X Handle Your Time Featuring – Kid Creole , Prince Paul , Xzibit
19 Brand Nubian Young Son (Exclusive Snippet from “Fire In the Hole”)
20 Sadat X & Grand Puba Straight From The NY Featuring – DJ Honda
21 Sadat X You Can’t Front Featuring – Diamond D , Lord Finesse
22 Sadat X Lump Lump
23 Brand Nubian Slow Down 2K4 (730 Exclusive)
24 Brand Nubian Slow Down (Classic Version)
25 Brand Nubian Hang On

And if you’re still in need of that Nubian fix, look no further than our homie and New Zealand affiliate Cold Rock Da Spot.

Brand Nubian/Grand Puba-The Remixes

1. brand nubian – concerto in x minor (remix)
2. brand nubian – all for one (radio mix)
3. brand nubian – allah u akbar (remix)
4. brand nubian – love me or leave me alone (remix)
5. brand nubian – steal ya ho (remix)
6. brand nubian – all for one (tramp remix)
7. brand nubian – slow down (pete rock remix)
8. band nubian – hold on (remix)
9. brand nubian – wake up (sd50’s remix)
10. brand nubian – word is bond (remix)
11. grand puba – a little of this (stud doogie remix)
12. grand puba – i like it (buckwild remix feat. sadat x)
13. grand puba – check it out (remix)
14. grand puba – thats how we move it (remix)
15. grand puba – ya know how it goes (t-ray remix)
16. grand puba – check it out (stimulated dummies remix)

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