That Backwards Sample

Every once in a while a producer can effectively work a backwards sample into a dope cut.

This is usually easier to do if there are no drums in the sample you’re reversing,as they may sound awkward and ruin your mix. But in this case, it worked out perfectly. I must say Pumpkinhead produced a genuine work of art with 2nd Amendment. He sampled the same track that Fredro Starr used for Onyx’s ‘Last Dayz’,except in reverse. Not only did the beat come out ill, but the subject he chose to rhyme about was perfect for it. 

I first noticed it when listening to this Bob James record. I immediately noticed the Onyx sample,but thought there was something else there. So, when spinning the record back to see what it was I missed, I discovered this palatial reverse sample. Check it out below.

The Sample

Pumpkinhead – 2nd Amendment

Onyx – Last Dayz

Download these 3 pieces in one folder here


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2 Responses to “That Backwards Sample”

  1. Brandan E. says:

    1st off i wanna say its amazing how producers can take a simple sample and take to whole new other level!
    That Onyx record just brings out the grimy in u, i dont care if u live in the hamptons or the poconos! that record will make u street real quick!
    and props to Pumpkinhead for doing somethin i never even heard before. its kinda ill that a beat like that can flipped front and back!! classic shit!

  2. Science O'Mega says:

    Good beatmaking is true wizardry!!!

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