Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Volume 1 (1992-2005)

Here I am again bringing y’all back to the beginning of another series. This volume 1 of 18 Baltimore/Washington Dc compilations I’ve done. Why include both cities in one mix? Baltimore and Washington Dc are the odd couple. Fiercely competitive, musically eclectic, eternally underground, Charm City and ‘The District’ have long been unrecognized hotbeds for independent hip hop….

What ?

Yes, hip hop. While Baltimore is mostly known for house music, and Dc for go-go, there was and still is a prolific scene in the area.


01.(02:53) Section 8 Mob – Intro [Washington Dc 1994]
02.(03:32) No Description Given – Game and the Player [Baltimore 1994]
03.(04:24) Blak Kaos – For me [Washington Dc 1996]
04.(05:05) Da Great Deity Dah – Sunz Of Righteousness Ft.Reborn Soldiers & Sykrit Manuwva [Washington Dc 1998]
05.(04:43) Section 8 Mob – Caught Up In The Section [Washington Dc 1994]
06.(04:28) No Description Given – What’s Reality [Baltimore 1994]
07.(04:41) Da Great Deity Dah – Running Off With Your Coining Phrases [Washington Dc 1997]
08.(04:34) Defined Print – Prep A Nation [Washington Dc 1998]
09.(02:56) Section 8 Mob – Family Affair [Washington Dc 1994]
10.(02:51) Silohuette – Rude Girlz [Baltimore 1996]
11.(02:33) The Blaque Faxshun And Labtekwon – Dangerous [Baltimore 1994]
12.(03:23) K Mack And Silohuette – The Annex Click [Baltimore 1995]
13.(04:51) Global Platoon – Keep Your Day Job [Baltimore 1992]
14.(03:54) Sagat And Buddha Bless – Wit 0 Wit 0ut [Baltimore 1994]
15.(02:38) Ray Lugar – I Know [Baltimore, Year Unknown]
16.(03:46) K Mack – Speak Da Clout [Baltimore 1995]
17.(04:24) Storm The Unpredictable – Verbal Expressions [Washington Dc 1998]
18.(04:07) Tasc4orce – Watch Out [Philadelphia, woops 1994]
19.(05:05) Questionmark Asylum – Everything’s Love [Washington Dc 1995]
20.(04:20) Little Clayway – Fuck Wit’ Little [Baltimore 2005]
21.(04:00) Da Great Deity Dah – Chain Of Events Ft.Quiet Storm 720 (Also known as ‘Storm The Unpredictable’ [Washington Dc 1998]
22.(03:56) Defined Print – My Library [Washington Dc 1998]
23.(04:48) Opus Akoben – Contact [Washington Dc 1997]
24.(05:16) Pure Elegance – Street Life [Washington Dc 1995]

In this series, I will be sharing some tunes I hope you dig and haven’t heard. The first two volumes have a fair amount of ‘familiar’ material, so keep an eye out especially for the later volumes.


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7 Responses to “Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Volume 1 (1992-2005)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    best mix yet

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Only ONE Labtekwon joint, and then only a collabo? He may be the only rapper that matters in B'More.

  3. Anonymous says:

    labtekwon is an arrogant cock. who cares ?

    he's the only rapper from baltimore who DOES NOT matter.

    he should have been left out.

  4. asciigod says:

    Hey, thanks for this. I'm not really up on that area's history, and I look forward to digging into this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yo that dude quiet storm 720 and storm the unpredictable are not the same guy. 720 is from NYC (a transplant), s.t.u. is from oxon hill, md (DC suburb)

  6. redsdisease says:

    I know these were posted awhile ago, but are they available anywhere else now that Megaupload is down? I’d be really into checking them out.

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