The Redefinition Of Time Travel w/ Kevin Beacham

REDEFINITION RADIO: The Present and Future

I started off the year with a month long theme which is Phase 3 in what has been an ongoing epic experience that I’ve dubbed “Cut Short Careers”

Phase One-One Album Only (Nov ‘07): This was a five week special covering a lot of ground and a lot of underground favorites who only dropped one album (and maybe a few singles or appearances); Hard Knocks, C.P.O, Breeze, Diamond Shell, Cannibal Ox, Kurious, Mad Kap, Da King & I, Future Sound, Funkytown Pros, and the list goes on and on…
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Phase Two-Singles and Appearances Only 1986-1992 [No Albums] (Jan ‘08): Some of these artists are simply too mind-blowing to never had a full length (Latee, Freshco & Miz, & Sir Ibu) … others are some favorites of mine: His Majesti, 4Ever Fresh, Too Poetic, Crush Nation, Castle D, The Brothers (Kickin Live Productions), and so on and on….
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Phase Three-Singles and Appearances only 1993-2002 [No Album] (Jan ‘09): The bulk of this time is in that incredible indie explosion of the Mid and Late 90s (mainly thanx to Wu-Tang for making the self-financed 12″ the new “demo”). Dredknotz, Ten Thieves, Rugged Brood, Natural Elements, Street Smartz, Spoon Of Iodine, DV Alias Khrist, Tony Bones, J Treds, K Borne, IG Off & Hazardous, Vooodu!, etc…
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Phase Four-Guest Appearances Only (No Album, No Single), stay tuned.

As for the immediate future for Redefinition Radio, I’ve collected a nice stack of new music while being focused on this last theme so starting next week I’ll start dropping some of that: Czar, Yadi Supreme, K the I, P.O.S, Custodian Of Records, Myka 9, Labtekwon…


This Week: White Collar Criminals-“Time Travel Promo”, Rubber Room & Spalaney’s-Time Travel Freestyle 6-22-95, Spalaney’s-“Simple Fact”, Tony Baines-Time Travel Freestyle 12-29-96, Children Of Reality, JP Schmedrick-“Insect Invasion.”

As an added bonus for peeping the TROY blog: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ktysow

-D/L Contains
1)Rubber Room-Peepin Tom (early unreleased track on the freaky porn tip…ha)
2)JP Schmedrick (Immortal Griffen & Tony Baines)-No Offense Playa (limited tape release 97)
3)Spalaney’s-Universal Langurage (from the “Talent Fest” Compilation ‘95)

–Kevin Beacham

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