Main Source – Lost Science

Main Source demos that were originally recorded for their unreleased 2nd album “The Science.” It was released about 2 months ago as a limited pressing by Diggers With Gratitude. The demos were given to DWG by K-Cut as he originally played them on a Canadian radio show which you can find here.

Here’s information on the tracks:

“Bootlegging” – Large Pro takes on the role of the bootlegger on this lost gem, check the horns, this one features on “Lungbutters”.

“Raise Up” – “The Science” was going to be constructed of a bunch of ‘Interlude’ style tracks – this is one of them.

“Time (alternative mix)” – early demo version of the track recently unearthed for a Japanese only release on P-Vine/Actual Records.

Note: The Lost Science EP didn’t hit the blogsphere yet so you will probably see it on a few blogs within a few hours. If they don’t give us credit, they probably jacked our link, but we can only take that as a form of flattery, right?

This is also my first vinyl rip so be on the look out for a few rarities in the future.

— Thomas V

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