Nas meets The Large Professor

Do you remember the Nas “I Am” blends that we posted weeks ago? Well, T.R.O.Y. regular Vaporized just recorded a new Nas blend tape. This time, he mixed Nas’s acapellas over beats from The Large Professor. It was a perfect match as Nas started his career on Main Source’s debut Breaking Atoms. The last time they collaborated together was on “Stillmatic” so it was nice to hear Nas over new sh*t from The LP.

I’d love to see an album by Nas fully produced by Large Pro. While it may not happen, you can listen to Vaporized’s incredible blends in the meantime.

01 – Nas – You Know My Style – (Large Pro blend)
02 – Nas – I Can…(Large Pro blend)
03 – Nas – Nastradamus (Large Pro blend)
04 – Nas – Mastermind (Large Pro blend)
05 – Nas – The World Is Yours (Large Pro blend)
06 – Nas – Purple (Large Pro blend)
07 – Nas ft.AZ – The Flyest (Large Pro blend)
08 – Nas – If I Ruled The World (Large Pro blend)
09 – Nas – Shootouts (Large Pro blend)
10 – Nas – Got Urself A Gun (Large Pro blend)
11 – Nas ft.AZ – Life’s A Bitch (Large Pro blend)
12 – Nas – The Set Up (Large Pro blend)
13 – Nas – Made You Look (Large Pro blend)
14 – Nas – Dance (Large Pro blend)


— Thomas V

Bonus : Large Pro recently appeared as a surprise guest for Nas’s latest concert in New York.

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