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A few months ago Kurious Jorge dropped his Top 10 posse cuts list on T.R.O.Y., this time we’re dropping some great news and a few gems ourselves. K-Jorge and The Beatnuts finally reunited after all these years and are working together for Jorge’s forthcoming album “II.

A T.R.O.Y. contributer Kimani was kind enough to bless us with this Kurious compilation titled Forever Constipated.”

It’s highly unlikely this was ever an official release but it’s still a great recap of Jorge’s career that. Check it out and stay tuned for the new album “II.

— Philaflava

Forever Constipated

1. All Great (Dirty) 3:22
2. Fastlane 3:09
3. El Gran Combo [Main One (ft. Fat Joe, Prince Powerule, Joe Fatal)] 4:08
4. Young Stars From Nowhere [Powerule (ft. Rebel, Johnny)] 4:52
5. Freestyle [Leaders Of The New School] 5:02
6. Walk Like A Duck (Madik Mix) 4:58
7. Smokin That Shit [KMD (ft. Lord Sear, Earthquake)] 4:41
8. 3 Blind Mice [P.M., Pete Nice, Daddy Rich, Benz] 4:55
9. Freestyle (ft. Souls Of Mischief) 8:11
10. Mansion And A Yacht (ft. Mike G, Sadat X) 4:06
11. I’m Kurious (P. Nice & DRich Remix) 4:03
12. All Great Remix (Dirty) 3:16
13. ? [MF DOOM] 3:09
14. Shifting Lanes [MF DOOM, MF Grimm] 2:58
15. Trueness To The Blueness 3:02
16. Mugwort + Cinnamon = Shifting Lanes (ft. Kurious) [Grimm/DOOM] 2:58
17. Fill’ Er Up 1:18
18. Jorge Of The Projects (Original) 3:36
19. Kurious Freestyle At Sway & Tech Wake Up Show 1:19
20. Catch My Drift (ft. Kadi) 4:08
21. Travelling (ft. Kurious, Lord Smog (Scotch) & Bashton The Invizabul Mang) [MF Grimm] 3:49
22. Rice And Beans (Freestyle) (ft. Prince Paul) 3:07
23. One 4 The Head 4:54
24. Baby Bust It (ft. Kadi & Kurious) [MF Grimm] 4:32
25. Blue 4:17


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3 Responses to “Kurious Nuts”

  1. nathansmart says:

    he showed up at the free Beatnuts show I was at in Columbus, OH last night and it was dope!

  2. Krisch says:


    I was looking for those 6 tracks from the digital reissue of "Constipated Monkey" that also were released on a limited vinyl:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks guys for the dopeness

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