IV Life

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IV Life is the fourth album by King Tee. and my personal favorite by Mr. McBride. It was also his first album released by MCA Records in 1994 after his split with Capitol Records, where he was signed to since 1987. To many, this is Tee’s most multifaceted album to date. On the production end Tee enlists the help of longtime homies DJ Pooh, E-Swift and Ultramagnetic MC’s producer, T.R. Love or as credited on this album, T.R. Funk Ignitor. He also taps on a few then-relatively unknown producers such as DJ Broadway, Mark Sparks, Rashad, Thayad and female rapper/producer Nikke Nicole who was best known for her contribution “Old Time’s Sake” off of the Above The Rim soundtrack.

The production on this album is sample reliant and artists sampled include A Tribe Called Quest (on “You Can’t See Me”), The Four Tops (on “Dippin'”), Freddie Hubbard (on “3 Strikes Ya’ Out”) and Grover Washington, Jr. (on “Down Ass Loc”). Peep the video for “Dippin” below.



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1. Act A Fool
2. Bass
3. Played Like a Piano
4. Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
5. Payback’s a Mutha
6. At Your Own Risk
7. Guitar Playin’
8. Diss You
9. Can This Be Real
10. Bus Dat Ass – feat. Tha Alkaholiks
11. The Coolest
12. Just Clowning
13. I Got It Bad Y’All
14. Ya Better Bring a Gun

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