East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 1

This little collection of tracks is the start of something big. When I began I did not realize how big the project would become. This is volume one of my east coast 12 inch (and ep) mix series. I just put together volume 108 the other day. I will be bringing all 108 of them to the table so keep checking back. Track 2 is something that I recorded on tape from kaos 89.3 fm, in Olympia, Washington, during the fall of 1993. F Mob is so obscure that it took 12 years to find a copy of the song on a compilation. Then it took another year or more to find the full album ! All New York artists except as far as I know except for the exceptions listed next to the track titles.


ruggedness madd drama – 01 checkin down the menu (1994) philadelphia
f mob – 02 pump pump (the vibe) (1994) philadelphia
children of the corn – 03 uptown connection (1993) harlem
dredknotz – 04 causin a menace (remix) (1994)
now born click – 05 now born soldiers (raw mix) (1993)
da mad scientist – 06 never fear (1994)
black maddness – 07 wild brooklyn bandits (1993) brooklyn
the almighty rso – 08 hellbound (the rso saga part 2) (1994) boston
crossfire – 09 fill the void (wreck mix) (1994)
shadez of brooklyn – 10 when it rains it pours (1994) brooklyn
live squad – 11 murderahh (1992) new jersey
kenny dope gonzalez – 12 dondadda (original rama jama mix) (1993) brooklyn
a to the d – 13 the renegade jew (remix) (1992)
mental illness – 14 amazins not playin brooklyn 1994
greyboy – 15 outerlude (1993)
dark skinned assassin – 16 the horror (1994)
two outta millions – 17 land of lyricism (1995)

Not sure track 17 is actually east coast so if anyone knows for sure feel free to clear that up for me. Thanks and enjoy! Also, the track from greyboy is from a full album, but it fit well.


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12 Responses to “East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 1”

  1. vincentlopez says:

    Thanks for these tracks. I always liked that Shadez of Brooklyn 'When It Rains It Pours'.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought that Two Outta Millions were a Dutch crew? In that case, they are WAAAAY East coast!


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  3. Anonymous says:

    The Renegade Jew.lol
    Another great comp.Thanks t.r.o.y.!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks my man, volume 108 today? Damn what a project, looking forward to it and listening to this one. Thanks

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like this one! In addition to this 1992 single, A to D, aka
    'AD' put out a single and an ep in 1995.


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  6. pierski76 says:

    Two Outta Mills ARE Dutch!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    "Fill The void,elements a voice we befriend,glocks and techs unlock when I wreck"
    Thank you so much for that one.
    That's some serious obscureness.

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  8. jwhitfield says:

    Check "emcee's nowadays" by two outta millions n all. Heavy!

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  9. Jeff says:

    YEOOOO!!!! i just came across this and this is the dopest shit ive come across!!! i must have all of these volumes!!! This link is dead because of that anti piracy bull shit! any way i can get a new link?!!! much apreciated!!!!

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  10. DjStr0be says:

    If anyone could hook me up with Vol 100 & 101 Ill reup more I got them all except those

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