Clear The Harbor

Don’t worry. It’s not your fault if you never heard of the emcee named Poops. The only places he seemed to show up were on Stretch and Bobbito promos and rare limited mix tapes. He embodied the walking personification of legend. Most people that even heard of him have only heard less then ten verses. But every word in every verse was powerful. Kind of like a GZA type of cat where he can express so much illness in so few words.

The only known affiliations with Poops were Pumpkinhead, DJ Clear and producer/DJ F.Boom who also produced at least two of the four tracks we’re bringing you here.

The heads at the T.R.O.Y. forum are selfless hip hop heads dedicated to digging up new old stuff just for the sake of keeping the culture alive. Blockhead uploaded the Pumpkinhead/Poops KCR promo. Thun was responsible for the revival of the DJ Clear joint. Digital Stimulation brought us the solo KCR promo and Kevin Beacham blessed us with “The Shit” off of an old F.Boom mix tape. Serious teamwork. 

“Poops is a gentleman, guess again
pure living hell is how I prevail
when I bested them
first to a frail skeleton
then to a single cell specimen”

Poops and Pumpkinhead – The Laughing Syndrome(KCR promo)

Poops and OC – A Clear Day

Poops – It Doesn’t Matter(KCR promo)

Poops – The Shit

Download all four tracks in one convenient mediafire folder here
— Verge

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