Black Sheep – Non-Album Tracks

Today, we are presenting you with a 2CD set of Black Sheep Non-Album Tracks. I remastered quite a few of these, so y’all are in for a real treat. I also converted some of their live video clips to mp3 format. Stay tuned for similar compilations from Common Sense and Nice & Smooth!

Black Sheep – Non-Album Tracks Volume 1
1. Still In The Ghetto
2. Bounce Ta This w/ Showbiz & AG
3. On The Wall
4. Strobelite Honey (No We Didn’t Mix)
5. Have U.N.E. Pull (Remix)
6. Fanatic Of The B Word w/ De La Soul
7. Scenario Demo w/ ATCQ, LONS & De La Soul
8. Let The Horns Blow w/ Chi Ali, De La Soul, ATCQ & The Beatnuts
9. Butt In The Meantime (Nostrand Ave Rastafarian Mix)
10. Bounce Ta This Remix w/ Showbiz & AG
11. Gimme The Finga (Remix)
12. Try Counting Sheep (Funky Caveman Organ 7″ Mix)
13. Similak Child (Homogenized Mix)
14. State Of Yo w/ Brand New Heavies
15. What Yo Life Can Truly Be w/ De La Soul
16. Strobelite Honey (Maybe We Did Mix)
17. Strobelite Honey (Yes We Did Mix)

Black Sheep – Non-Album Tracks Volume 2
1. Everyway Always
2. North South East West (Buckwild Remix)
3. Without A Doubt (Lawnge’s Mix)
4. H.A.A. (Here’s Another Asshole)
5. Jingle Jangle w/ The Legion
6. Jingle Jangle Remix w/ The Legion
7. Who’s It On Pt. II w/ Chi Ali & The Legion
8. Only If You’re Live w/ Chi Ali & IBP
9. North South East West (Remix)
10. Without A Doubt (Elm Street Mix)
11. Without A Doubt (Block Party Mix)
12. Roll With Tha Flava Remix w/ Various Artists
13. Check It Out w/ Fu-Schnickens
14. Shaky Grounds w/ Resident Alien
15. The Choice Is Yours (Arsenio Hall ’92)
16. Strobelite Honey Remix (Arsenio Hall ’92)
17. The Choice Is Yours (In Living Color ’92)
18. Bounce Ta This w/ Showbiz & AG (In Living Color ’93)
19. The Choice Is Yours (Xtendamix ’94)


Still In The Ghetto

On The Wall

Have U.N.E. Pull (Remix)

Butt In The Meantime (Remix)

Without A Doubt (Lawnge’s Mix)

–Roy Johnson

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12 Responses to “Black Sheep – Non-Album Tracks”

  1. bobfarmer136 says:

    Black Sheep are one of my favourite groups, thank you so much.
    Has anybody got an MP3 of the version of 'The choice is yours' that was done for the elections by Dres.

  2. The Jackboyz says:

    thanks 4 the effort !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damn, just goin thru it! Pce Maceo

  4. midnightheory says:

    soooo dope. thanks so much for this pf crew destroying shit, as per the usuals.


    where is the jay leno version of "the choice is yours"? u know they were the first hip hop group ever to be on the show in the summer of 92 followed by gang starr

  6. Roy Johnson says:


    I'll keep my eyes open for that Jay Leno performance.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOVELY collection. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. lovely

  8. Heeeth says:

    A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was the first CD I ever bought.
    Thanks for these.

  9. Adam Infanticide says:

    holy shit! what a great selection of unheard tunes!

  10. keith says:

    Very nice – They had a nice spot in hip hop. We appreciate the post

  11. Cenzi Stiles says:

    this is still one of the best posts ever!!!

  12. MrMusicMan says:

    All I’m askin for is a re-up of these links in the immortal words of James Brown “Please, Please, Please!”

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