Mommy, What’s A Gravedigga?

One of the best new posters on the T.R.O.Y. forum, FatFaceFreddy drops an 18-track Gravediggaz odds n’ ends compilation for that ass. The tracks were gathered from the Diggin’ Up The Future EP, Double Suicide Pack EP and the bootleg 36 Chambers of Death.

1-800-Suicide (New Vocal Version)
1-800-Suicide (Flip Squad Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Gangsta Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Dig Deep Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Poisonous Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Guillotine Mix)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Rza Mix Clean)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Uptight Cratedigga Mix)
Nowhere To Run (Portishead Main Mix)
Nowhere To Run (Portishead Mix Part 2)
Pass The Shovel
Diary Of A Madman (No Courtroom Clean)
Reincarnation Of Freud
Freak The Sorceress
Bang Your Head (Underdog Mix)
Unexplained (Kasz Mix)
Unexplained(Vinyl Blair Rework)
Gravediggaz Vs Tricky – Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix)


1-800-Suicide (Poisonous Mix)
Constant Elevation
Freak The Sorceress
Diary Of A Madman
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Rza Mix)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Uptight Cratedigga Remix)


Bonus Track
1-800-Suicide (Extended Remix) with a verse by MF Grimm

Props to FatFaceFreddy and Kimani for the hook-up!


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