Changing Gears

For the past several months, the T.R.O.Y. Movement has been operating at a breakneck pace, updating three times per day nearly every day. This has gained us some acclaim and some notoriety, but frankly it’s become a bit too much for anyone to handle. Our readers can’t keep up with the downloads and our writers feel frustrated if their efforts get lost in the mix. Shit, even I’m nearly seven weeks behind on skimming our uploads. Insanity.
Our solution is a new schedule. Two posts per day. A “headline” post in the morning (think larger scale content, big uploads, reviews, analysis, etc) and a secondary evening post of more digestible fare (you can peruse it while you wait for the morning’s download to finish).
Now don’t be cynical and assume for even a second that this change of pace will result in a decline of quality. We’ve got plenty in store for you. In addition to covering the uploads, crate digging,a nd discoveries that occur in our forum, we’ll be delivering more in-depth analyses, interviews, and reviews. Expect a buyer’s guide for resissued albums, as well as relevant book and movie reviews. We’ll be making a more concerted effort to integrate analysis with uploads, and to incorporate coverage of recent music where applicable, without sacrificing our throwback angle. Expect more exclusive compilation series, including more editions of our Sounds Like The 90s series.
It’ll all be more digestible now. Rejoice. Contemplate. Stop and smell the flowers. Download that compe from twelve weeks ago that you missed. The world is yours.
We’re also interested in reader submitted content. If you have something you’d like to contribute, email me at rhs1979@gmail.com and we can discuss how that can happen.
In the meantime, I’ll leave you readers with a few gifts, for being so supportive, some gratuitous uploads for old time’s sake:
— Thun