Dream Warriors – The Master Plan

I present you the 3rd album from Canadian Hip Hop Group Dream Warriors titled “The Master Plan“. The Dream Warriors are mostly known for their first album “And Now The Legacy Begins”. The album being one of the first jazz-influenced hip-hop release sold over 800,000 copies worldwide. They would follow up with their 1994 release Subliminal Simulation. The album received mixed reviews by music fans but was well-received by hip-hop fans with appearances by Gang Starr & Ishmael Butler of Digable Planets. The group then released The Master Plan in 1996, but it was largely ignored and most people don’t even know of the album’s existence. One of the reasons being that it was only available in Canada, nowhere else. It’s my favorite release by the group though; if you like Da Bush Babees’ Gravity from 1996, this is for you! Pure Hip Hop!

01 Fear None (Interlude)
02 The Era of ‘Stay Real’
03 Here Today Gone Tomorrow
04 Sound Clash
05 The Master Plan
06 Float on
07 What Do You Want ‘Ladies’
08 From the Beginning
09 Tset of Purity
10 Luvz History Lesson (Interlude)
11 Dem No Ready
12 Who’s the Crook
13 First Ya Live
14 Times Are Changing
15 Sound Clash [Fattasly Extended Mix]


— Thomas V

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