Dollar Bin Gem Pieces 2

“From the Secaucus Mountains to the African Sea..”-keith murray Well, pictured above is the area surrounding Secaucus, NJ. Safe to say that he meant the Caucus or Caucasus Mountains.

I just think the intro is hilarious, check out the preview below. But anyway, Keith Murray continues to rip it along side Smif N Wessun and Busta Rhymes on the hook. “Pay Your Dues” is a great over looked promo you should have in your system.
The second one here, that I also scrounged out of a store for a buck, is a classic 1996 indie piece.
I can’t tell you how ill “Slide We Fly” was to me when it first dropped. Kut Masta Kurt on productions and the always underrated Noggin’ Nodders dropping an ill verse alongside everyone’s favorite mental patient, Kool Keith.”Wanna Be A Star” was produced by the now famous Stones Throw label founder, Peanut Butter Wolf.
So,as a digger since forever,I encourage you to dig through them dollar crates before you go spending retarded amounts of money on a song or two. Unless you just got it like that.

Keith Murray – Pay Your Dues(promo)

1. Pay Your Dues
2. Pay Your Dues(clean)
3. Pay Your Dues(instr.)

Kool Keith – Slide We Fly VLS
Kool Side:
1. Wanna Be A Star(vocal)
2. Wanna Be A Star(instr.)
Keith Side:
1. Slide We Fly(vocal)
2.Slide We Fly(instr.)
Keith Murray – Pay Your Dues(clean)

Kool Keith – Slide We Fly

And here’s a little extra something for your visual enjoyment

Kool Keith – Blue Flowers(album version)


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