Kimani’s Digital Mix For The Whip

T.R.O.Y. Forum regular and blogger in his own right Kimani put together a mix arranged to be burned to two CDs for easy play in your whip of choice:

I recently snagged some digi-mixing software and have been fiddling with it, this mix being the result of said fiddling. Many (if not most) of these tracks are thanks to the superb uploaders of this forum, which is the main reason why I felt I could post it here, even if no one bothers to listen to it. I didn’t do all too much to it, being that I liked these songs the way they were and that messing with mp3s is just weird. Anyway, here it is, I enjoy listening to it (bias?) and I figured others may as well.


1. Danger (Rare Remix) 3:35 Blahzay Blahzay 
2. Demo 4:45 Aboriginals 
3. Pushin’ Orbitz (Main) 4:27 Sub-Conscious 
4. Lyfe ‘N Tyme 4:46 The B.U.M.S. 
5. Pockets 5:04 The Bad Seed 
6. 150% Sure 2:56 Blackmarkit 
7. Nights Of Fear 3:38 AK Skills 
8. Keepin’ It Hot 5:01 Ali Trone 
9. an ocean 3:30 illogic 
10. Microphone Microphone 3:17 B.M.X. 
11. Raw Dog (Remix) 4:21 Big Tabb 
12. Money Is The Key 4:04 Crimedanch Cartel 
13. Time 3:04 Diverse 
14. Where I’m At 4:56 Absent Minded 
15. sunshine 4:28 blunted dummies 
16. Bonafied Funk 3:58 The Brand New Heavies, Main Source 
17. In The C.O.R.N….Transgression 8:25 L’Roneous 
18. Comin’ At Cha 3:44 The Ruggedness & Madd Drama 
19. The Wu Is Comin’ Thru 3:32 Wu-Tang Clan 
20. Zeitgeist 5:07 Sub-Conscious 

(Disc 2 for the car listeners) 
21. Natural Born Smokers 2:12 Absent Minded 
22. Telecommunications 4:30 Ellay Khule 
23. Never Will I Marry 8:33 Cannonball Adderley/Ray Brown/Wes Montgomery 
24. Junglez Of The East 3:41 Legit 
25. Nocturnal Illusions 2:26 Alps Cru 
26. Jorge Of The Projects (Original) 3:36 Kurious Jorge 
27. Bustin’ A Nut 2:01 Lord digga 
28. Cold Peein’ On ‘Em 3:48 The Cenobites 
29. Slow Down (Waterfall Remix) 5:48 Frankenstein 
30. Get Down 5:11 Labtekwon 

— Thun

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