Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (41-50)

Today we present the final installment of the series. We hope that you were introduced to music that is new and beautiful to your ears. Be sure to check out Selections 1-10, Selections 11-20, Selections 21-30, and Selections 31-40 as well.

41. Lord Finesse “Hip 2 Da Game” (Buckwild Remix)

The original was a near-perfect quintessential Lord Finesse production. Somehow, some way Buckwild managed to improve upon it, matching the grandiosity of Finesse’s boasts with lush, sweeping music.
42. Tragedy “Funk Mode” (Large Pro Remix)

43. Brand Nubian “Concerto In X Minor” (Remix)
“On the real-tip let’s take a field trip from the ghetto / You pick the time and we’ll meet in the meadow/ To discuss racial issues and tension/ New York’s a violent keg did I forget to mention…”
44. Lord Finesse ft. Big L “Yes You May” (Remix)
AG and Percee-P are replaced by Big L and a drum heavy beat. L spits non-stop quotables and Finesse displays his mastery of similes and unabashed shit talking.
45a. Common Sense “Resurrection” (Extra P Remix)
45b. Common Sense “Resurrection (Large Pro Remix)
46. Chino XL “Kreep” (Video Mix)
47. Beatnuts “No Equal” (Remix)
The original was the greatest vibraphone-laced death threat aimed at Das Efx ever. This remix makes the original sound like the fucking Barney The Dinosaur theme song in comparison.
48. Nice N’ Smooth “Cash In My Hands” (Remix)
49. Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By” (Remix)
50. Public Enemy “How To Kill A Radio Consultant” (Chuck Chillout Remix)

Download all of today’s remixes here:

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5 Responses to “Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (41-50)”

  1. Deen says:

    No one has commented huh?

    These are excellent selections. I did not know a lot of these existed and I am now looking at myself for sleeping on Brand Nubian, that Grand Pub and Sadat joint – I Like It has been on constant repeat, constant.

  2. Thaddeus Clark says:

    Excellent series.

    Although I'm very surprised the Pharcyde's "Your Mama" Remix didn't make the 50…

  3. The Big Sleep says:

    Yeah, dope idea guys.

    By the way, I love the Yes You May Remix story. ‘nesse had been trying to get L on Yes You May, the original You Know What I’m About or Set It Off Troop (for the Class Act soundtrack) but the label wasn’t havin’ it because L hadn’t been signed yet. Percee P introduced Todd Ray to Finesse and Finesse wanted this beat that was originally meant for Biz Markie as a b-side to the Party Over Here single. Of course Finesse won out and Big L, T-Ray and Lord Finesse recorded that track in May of ’92 at Jazzy Jay’s recording studio. (And soon after that, sometime mid year, L would be signed to Sony / Columbia based off a four track demo. He inked a deal the same day as NaS, NaS was actually signed later that day and then L was on Runaway Slave and Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop by September).

  4. tray says:

    There's an original version of Funk Mode?

  5. Miss Pauline says:

    common large pro remix is hands down my favorite

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