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Editor’s note: Although we are generally known to cover the music of yesteryear, we are still fans of current music and we wish to incorporate such coverage into this blog. Kid Hum was open to the idea of discussing the samples he used for his instrumental hip hop album and wrote up the following piece for us. If you can think of a creative way to promote your music through us, without sacrificing the “throwback” focus of our blog, let us know!Â
To stream individual songs from Kid Hum‘s album Fossil Fuel, click here. If you’d like to purchase the album, check Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, or Napster. Here’s his track by track breakdown:
Yo what’s up this is Kid Hum and I wanted to take the time to describe what I do and some of the things that went into my debut instrumental album “Fossil Fuel.” Like 99% of the music I have made so far, this album was made using an MPC 1000, and old records. So what I want to do is break the album down by the samples that went into it.Â

1. “Art Music”Â

The sample for this beat was taken from an Art Blakey record called Drum Suite. I really appreciate this beat because I am a big fan of Jazz and Art Blakey, but also because I find it rewarding to sample music recorded prior to the year 1960. The song is called “Cubano Chant”, and what I love about it ,is it was recorded in 1956, and when looking for music from this era I don’t not find lot of stuff that sounds like “Cubano Chant”.

2. “Angst”

I don’t remember the sample I used for this beat.Â

3. “Imagine!”

This beat was made from a Danny Toan record called “First Serve”. The song is called “Come Into My Life”.

4. “Prayer”Â

This beat was made using a Hugh Masekela sample, I went into a Hugh Masekela sampling zone awhile back and I really have no idea what I sampled of his only that it was his music.

5. “Church”

The sample for this beat is “One Day” by Albertina Walker. It is taken from her album “Please Be Patient With Me”, which was recorded live in Chicago. The real element though comes from the guests on the album, The Trinity All Nation’s Choir. I love sampling gospel choirs, its a liberating and empowering experience. One of my favorite things about making beats is the high I get chopping up wax like this.

6. “Bells”Â

This sample is some Ferrante and Teicher but I can’t find the record.Â

7. “Wired”

The drums and all the music for this beat were taken from the album “Wired” by guitarist Jeff Beck. The track is a classic, called “Come Dancing”.Â

8. “Fuel”

This is some more Hugh Masekela.

9. “Clonazepam”

This beat is all about Freddie Hubbard. I heard that trumpet line and I had to do something it. So I just looped it, added some filters here and there, and threw some drums on top. I think this is not on a Freddie Hubbard album, but an album he is playing on.Â

10. “R.I.P. Wade Bridges”

I made this beat after the Wake for my friend Wade Bridges who passed away earlier this year. Its a tribute to him. I don’t really remember the sample.

11. “Passport”

This sample for this beat was taken from the title track on an album named “Looking Thru” by a band called Passport. I tried to flip this three times before this version manifested. The part that had me coming back is at about 3:30 into the song, which is about 8 minutes long.Â

12. “Bass So Lo”

This beat was made from “I’m Not In Love” by 10CC. MY MOM CALLED ME OUT ON THIS SAMPLE. Check out the Youtube video, because that is what inspired to sample this in the first place. 10CC is hilarious. Big Ups to J Dilla who I am pretty sure put everyone up on 10CC. Its obvious that Dilla influenced me, a lot. Â

13. “Rain”

The sample for this beat is Francis Lai, from the original soundtrack to “Un Homme et Une Femme”. I’m not sure which song it was, just that it is not the title track. The original was in 3/4, which I never touch unless I have to, and which took me a while to learn how to transpose into 4/4.

14. “Speedball”

One of two beats on the album taken from a “Star Wars Disco” record by Meco. Disco is another type of music I love to sample because it is so rewarding to me to actually make it work and take away the “Disco Element” from the music. It’s like the sample is hidden or trapped inside of the disco beat, and you gotta free it. Not that I don’t like Disco just for being Disco, because I do.

15. “Fossils”

More Hugh Masekela.Â

16. “I Don’t Like You Either”

The second of two beats on the album taken from the “Star Wars Disco” album by Meco. This one is my tribute to the cantina band.Â

17. “Moove”

My homie Judgemental from Basementalism hit me up one day and asked me to sample this. It’s “Move Your Hand” from the album of the same name by Dr. Lonnie Smith.Â

18. “Side B”

This sample was taken from an album that was produced by GOD (seriously check the credits). I’m talking about Graham Central Stations “Release Yourself”!. The song I sampled is called “I Believe In You”.Â

Big ups to T.R.O.Y! Thanks Again! — Kid Hum
Having listened to the album for about a week now, I  recommend it. While some hip hop instrumental albums become humdrum or predictable after a few tracks, Fossil Fuel is highly creative. And I generally hate on everything, ask around. — Thun

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