Chicago Instrumentals: Soul-Jazz Edition

When you think of the mid-to-late 90s Chicago hip hop scene, the first thing that should come to mind is outstanding soul-jazz influenced production. There have been quite a few gems produced by the likes of NO ID, Kanye West, Dug Infinite, Tone B. Nimble, The Molemen, Capital D, Primeridian, etc, and fortunately, many of them have been released in instrumental format.

Here is a 2CD set containing some of the finest soul-jazz influenced beats to ever come out of Chicago.

Chicago Instrumentals Volume 1 (Soul-Jazz Edition)
1. Primeridian – Mental Void
2. All Natural – 50 Years
3. Common Sense – Nuthin’ To Do
4. Verbally Diseased – Blowin’ Up The Spot
5. Grav – One Puff
6. Common Sense – Resurrection
7. All Natural – Renaissance
8. Mr. Greenweedz – Some Love
9. Common Sense- Thisisme
10. Primeridian – Ring Around The Lyrical
11. Fully G – There She Goes Again (Remix)
12. Common Sense – They Say
13. Mr. Greenweedz – The Tempest
14. All Natural – It’s OK
15. Verbally Diseased – The Great Chicago Fire

Chicago Instrumentals Volume 2 (Soul-Jazz Edition)
1. Common Sense – Charm’s Alarm
2. Fully G – There She Goes Again
3. All Natural – Thinkin’ Cap
4. Common Sense – Chapter 13
5. Rubberoom – Body Snatchin’ (Remix)
6. Grav – Down To Earth
7. Common Sense – Soul By The Pound (Remix)
8. Mr. Greenweedz – Nocturnalasshosonathursday
9. Iomos Marad – Deep Rooted
10. No ID – Sky’s The Limit (Remix)
11. Common Sense – I Used To Love Her
12. Primeridian – Primates
13. Common Sense – Retrospect For Life


Primeridian – Mental Void

All Natural – 50 Years

Grav – One Puff

Verbally Diseased – Blowin’ Up The Spot

Mr. Greenweedz – Some Love

Pictured: NO ID

Also, make sure to check for Verge’s NO ID & Dug Infinite post.

–Roy Johnson

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5 Responses to “Chicago Instrumentals: Soul-Jazz Edition”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yo, thanks! Your site is super doop! That Lord Finesse vs Percee P link made my day!!!

  2. DOGGER CHAVIS says:

    Good lookin out on the Fully G!

  3. Kid Hum says:

    Classic Ramsey Lewis album for that 50 Years joint. No Additives No Preservatives is dope.

    Its OK is my other favorite cut on there.

    And the opening track "a pack of car jackers tried to jack me for a copy of my demo tape!!"


  4. Anonymous says:

    damn nice. chapter 13 is probly my favorite common beat. thanks people

  5. al says:

    any chance of a re-up on these?? that renaissance track is crazy…

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