Ultimate Breaks And Beats 16-20

You know the drill. Click on the album artwork to download. — Thun

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7 Responses to “Ultimate Breaks And Beats 16-20”

  1. djpos2?! says:

    needed these bad. good lookin out.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Fredo/Denmark says:

    Sweet! Thanks, really great!

  4. Laurent says:


    I'm one one those that download a lot of the EXCELLENT stuff you post on your blog (very good idea the big up to No.I.D), but not say 'thank you' enough…
    Please forgive me…
    Many many thanx from Paris,



  5. Anonymous says:

    great post, thank you very very much ! people like you brighten up my day

  6. BBOY says:

    yo, i think there is one more record of ubb missing… ubb26

    1. Joe Tex – You Said A Bad Word
    2. Johnny Taylor – Ever Ready
    3. Coalkitchen – Keep On Pushing
    4. Graham Central Station – The Jam (Remixed)

    1. Touble Funk – Lets Get Small
    2. Tony Alvon – Sexy Coffee Pot
    3. Hank Carbo – Hot Pants (part 2) (Remixed)


  7. T.R.O.Y. says:

    BBOY, thanks for the heads up, I've never seen that volume but if I come across it I'll hook everyone up. — Thun

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