PHD (Poet & Hot Day)

“We’ll be the dopest duo comin outta Queensbridge” Craig G & Marley Marl

The name PHD stands for “Poet & Hot Day”. In 1986, Poet would start his career with QB producer Rockwell Noel. They are best known for their critically acclaimed ’87 diss toward KRS One titled “Beat You Down”. They would follow up in ’88 with “Taking U Out” which was even stronger than “Beat You Down”, and harshly attacked both KRS’s then wife, Ms. Melodie, and DJ Red Alert. Poet would then join fellow QB producer Hot Day who had already released an album on Tuff City in 1989. They would released their first album “Without Warning” as PHD in 1991. I suggest that you read this wonderful review (Click Here) of “Without Warning” done by Thun (Oh Word, TROY Blog). That would be their only full length album but they would release a numerous number of 12″s throughout the 90’s. Hot Day is also known for putting an early Cormegaon his solo & PHD’s album. T.R.O.Y. regular Markshot who recently blessed you with those Ras Kass singles, laced us all the PHD 12″s from 1993 to 1996.


PHD – Without Warning
PHD – The Vinyl Years

Thanks to Ho1ogramz for Noel Rockwell & Poet EP

–Thomas V

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7 Responses to “PHD (Poet & Hot Day)”

  1. bigsd says:

    thnx for the rare and very dope lp of dj hot day. i never heard that before and i´m very impressed.

  2. Markshot says:

    hoping that someone will come thru with im flippin 12"
    only link ive found is dead sendspace link :S

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just-Ice also came through QB with a shotgun looking for Poet bcuz of one of those diss songs. lol TRUE STORY. I also recall a very dope video that they had. wish i could see that again

  4. thomasv says:

    Here's the video for I'm Flippin'


  5. Anonymous says:

    That's an ill pic for title.
    Until recently,I never hear these stories of people showing up at Poet's neighborhood looking to kill him.It's fun to me because he always one of the cats I would believe bloodies people up for sport.Never know what to believe,I guess. Great post though.

  6. Oldsoul76 says:

    I think they were all serious dudes so i wouldn't want to cross paths with any of them of them on a bad day. lol.I'm flippin, heartless by live squad, just to get a rep by gangstarr, ill street blues…..i miss the hard new york sometimes. well at least the videos!

  7. Oldsoul76 says:

    oh and bushwackas "caught up in the game!" ok i'm done

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