Gauge’s 6-track demo

The homie Kevin Beacham of Time Travel Radio fame has been doing God’s work this past week in T.R.O.Y. dropping gem after gem.

This one comes from Gauge aka The Mental Murderah and his 6-track demo tape from ’95.

Some of you may remember Gauge’s single “Cranium” featuring fellow Brooklynites The Cella Dwellas, but what some of you may not know is that Gauge was also managed by T-Dot rapper Maestro Fresh Wes who gave Kevin this demo for to review it for “Caught In The Middle.”

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1. Cranium (demo version)
2. Past Tense
3. Keep Your Compliments
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Miss You Man
6. Caught Up


Growing up in the same neighborhood as Hip-Hop mainstays like Special Ed, Busta Rhymes, and The Cella Dwellas, Gauge learned his trade from legendary schoolyard battles. In 1990, Gauge, alongside fellow Brooklynite, Lord Have Mercy (now in Flipmode Squad), released the now-rare single “Order In The Court” from their group B.A.S.S. (Brothers About Sight and Sound). Gauge dropped the single “Cranium” b/w “Breathless” on Maestro Records which was extremely successful. In early 2000, Gauge stepped out with his third single, “Insane” b/w “Bring It To Me” feat. Special Ed and Phantasm from The Cella Dwellas. In 2001, he was working on his untitled album, which never saw the light of day. That EP featured production from Ge-ology, DJ Spinna, Nick Wiz, Ayatollah and SELF.

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