You Got A Crew? You Better Tell ‘Em…

We were on an abbreivated holiday schedule for a minute, but we continued to bring you the goods. We’re generous like that. Thank us later. We’re just glad that you had a restful and festive holiday season and that you’re steady bumping rap songs that sample sleigh bells, a whole mess of Prince Paul remixes, Kool & The Gang samples, the only existing video footage of the Lord Finesse vs Percee P battle, an unreleased DJ Mark the 45 King album, the best quality mp3 version of Large Pro’s The LP, all the Ras Kass singles that matter, the career output of Easy Mo Bee, and Chad Sexington’s Yacht Rap compilation. Yeah, that’s our output when we’re on vacation. Some of you bloggers out there are stand up people, but let’s be real – you didn’t have that many posts of interest all year. And we didn’t waste our readership’s collective time by reviewing the details of non-music beefs between c-level rappers or premiering the latest year-end snoozefest from fucking Mad Skillz. Show us love.
Don’t front – we’re running your iPods these days. When’s the last time you even bothered making your own playlists? Exactly. Let it be known that T.R.O.Y. is back for ’09. We’ll be posting three times per day during the week, and twice per day on the weekend. Our first order of business is to bring you Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear. Ten per day, every day of the week. Should make your commutes, lunch hours, and wind-down hours after work that much more pleasurable. Those who have been down since day one – stay with us, we’re just getting warmed up. We got lots more in store – more interviews, more compilations, more mixes, more essays. If you just discovered us, well, we’re glad you came. Pull up a chair, sit down, and have a listen.  — Thun



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