top secret – it ain’t over yet (toronto 1993)

Here’s an underground tape from Toronto, Canada. The hip hop scene north of the border is prolific and diverse. Some of the production on this is sick, but the last 2 tracks should have been left out. The tape cover says 1992 on one side, and 1993 on the other so I don’t know which one is right. Produced by Ryan Lord. If any Canadian heads out there can shed more light on this tape or any other production by Ryan Lord I’d love to know!

Here’s a link and the tracklist–


01. (00:04:38) top secret – listen to yourself
02. (00:02:17) top secret – the rave
03. (00:04:52) top secret – it’s the way ya like it
04. (00:01:25) top secret – people say
05. (00:05:37) top secret – it ain’t over
06. (00:04:10) top secret – go
07. (00:01:21) top secret – cross
08. (00:04:10) top secret – don’t make me mad son
09. (00:01:10) top secret – basic rules
10. (00:05:19) top secret – eskimo
11. (00:01:10) top secret – now that we..
12. (00:04:21) top secret – stupid
13. (00:03:29) top secret – baby
14. (00:03:13) top secret – scared

Hope y’all enjoy this one! If you want more north of the border posts just ask and i’ll be glad to oblige.


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8 Responses to “top secret – it ain’t over yet (toronto 1993)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    not really feelin it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi,Ryan lord here.I have other music that was never released on tapes.If I can find a way to send to you I will.

    • tony says:

      Hey Ryan Its your old boy Tony from Steel art hows things brother I`m living in Pickering and i was just listening to the CD you gave me and enjoying your tunes

  3. Anonymous says:

    I remember the video "Don't Make Me Mad Son" from the early nineties — it has a wicked bassline and drums. I have been looking for that track for years! It's just by chance I came across your blog. Wow, was I suprised. I think it's still awesome after all this time. Thank you!

  4. Ming says:

    yo ryan send me some music of the g-funk…you know who this is…

  5. Eugene Dinnall says:

    It was great seeing this blog as I have been trying to find something on Top Secret for so many years. I was actually the manager for this group and Ryan Lord “R.P. Rap” was one the most talented, dedicated and hard working artist I had the pleasure of working with. Ryan’s talents went beyond the music artistry as he was able to successfully transfer his skills to music video and then to the broader scope of the film world.

    As far as the Top Secret album “It Ain’t Over”, the allotted tracks were accumulated between 1990 and 1992. By the time our album deal with Raw Energy/A&M was secured and in production it was released in 1993. Track # 1 “Listen To Yourself” was the leadoff single but everything really started with the regional success of “Don’t Make Me Mad Son” in 1990. The video to support this track was a slick production for its day and enabled the track to propel on various media charts. This success opened the door for us to make our way through the very competitive ( and sometimes unforgiving) Canadian Hip Hop scene of the early nineties.

    We performed live shows endlessly back then as well solidified appearances on key national television shows such as Rap City, Electric Circus, and X-Tendamix.

    I can go on forever as you can tell so I will leave it at that.

    Available Videos:

    Listen To Yourself
    It’s The Way You Like it
    Don’t Make Me Mad Son
    Scared That You Cared

    The last 2 tracks were side projects included on the album.

    Eugene Dinnall
    First Impressions Entertainment
    NVN Records

  6. Tony Caine says:

    They still haven”t mention us “….me in rap history R.A.P. and the TC we are the chosen two and you know this so put us on your play list”, the first pioneers of the rap movement in Canada particularly in Toronto (1978). When “they” decide to tell the true uncut history of rap in North America, they will with no doubt mention the first rap performances/artists north of the board was RP Rap and the Brother TC, “TNT/Scarborough Sensation with the qualification to hypnotize whole civilization”. And that’s the truth Ruth!

  7. tony says:

    Hey ryan its your bro Tony from steel art signs I still have the Cd you gave me was playing it the other day Don`t make me mad son still my favorite hey just look me up tony smurridge i`m the only one!!!!

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