The Best Links Since We Entered The Scene

We luh da blogosphere. Without a doubt.

The T.R.O.Y. blog debuted at the very tail end of September of 2008.  Four months later, we’re approaching 300 posts deep and we’re not stopping any time soon. 
When we aren’t concocting compilations, analyses, mixes, or interviews for you, we’re perusing the blogosphere for the best in throwback rap related goodness, and we shine the spotlight on our fellow bloggers as often as possible. Peep the “All Eye Seeing” widget in the lower right, under our numerous tags for a glimpse of what catches our notice in Google Reader.
Since we’ve debuted, there’s been quite a bit of great material popping up all around the blogosphere, and the following selection represents some of the best of the past four months. This isn’t meant to represent a comprehensive study of everything on the internet worth reading, but as far as the blogs we follow and respect, this is a good sample of stuff you should catch up on. Additional shout outs are in order for blogs that are especially good at churning out consistently great posts with a relatively narrow focus – Def Momentum (for ’80s rap vinyl downloads), THIMK (for Source magazine scans in .pdf format and demos), amd GRANDGOOD (for keeping us up to date on everything). Enjoy! — Thun
P.S. – If I didn’t give your blog props, and you deserve them, LET ME KNOW YOU EXIST. Drop us a line! Suggest a collaborative project! Let’s organize!
P.P.S. – Fellow bloggers, keep up the good work, but know that T.R.O.Y. is the one to beat in ’09!
P.P.P.S.- Readers, followers, well-wisher, collaborators – stay tuned! We’re off to better things like a Hip Hop Forum.
Artist Specific Coverage

Various Artists Compilations, Continuous Mixes, And Other Audio Treats

CRDS Fat Tape Volume 9 (Cold Rock Da Spot)
Female Emcees Vol. 1-4 (Cartwheels On Concrete)
DJ Prince Ice Dopemix, 1988 (Ripped Open By Metal Explosions)
Freddy Fresh Mixes (Essential Elements)
Boom Bap Mix (The Hip Hop Spot)
Print Interviews

Tony D (Fat Lace Magazine)
Audio Interviews

Mr. Magic & Busy Bee Interview, 1987 (Ain’t It Good To You?)
Video Interviews

Wu-Tang Clan, 1992 (Just V-D-B)
Funk, Soul, Rare Groove, etc.

Latin Party Starters (Soul Sides)
Under Covers Mix (Soul Sides)
Deconstructing Beats/ Sample Sources

Homegrown Remixing

Children Of The Corn “American Dream” Remix (Martin & Joparelli’s Music Selections)
Music Criticism/ Discussion

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8 Responses to “The Best Links Since We Entered The Scene”

  1. DragonHill87 says:

    How long does it take to get an account activated at the TROY forum? I registered at the end of November and I'm still waiting.

  2. vincentlopez says:

    Thanks for the little shout out people. Sometimes I get tired as heck of scanning page after page of these mags while my 4 year old son is jumping on me and wrestling with me. But as long as it's appreciated, I'll keep it going.


  3. AaronM says:

    Thanks for the props. It's a honour to be a part of this feature.
    Love the site, especially the compilations!

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    RE: activation.

    It can take up to 2 weeks to have your account activated. I emailed you to find out your user name. Anyone who has issues with their activation simply email me and I'll look into it. Please allow 2 week prior to emailing me though.


  5. Brandan E. says:

    yo, yall didnt mention my blog: Recognize the Real!! Im one of the best blogs on the net!! Please ask anyone!! i gave yall shouts out on my year end post. Please check it out, i have many, many, many treats on there!! Trust me, u will amazed by my blog!!
    Holla at me yall!!

  6. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Brandan, thanks for the props. You're added to Google reader now. – Thun

  7. DL says:

    Thanks for the love fellas. Unfortunately someone has managed to spam my incoming links RSS, so a few things have slipped me by of late… pesky internets.

    I don't know why I haven't linked here yet. Fixed!



  8. nes says:

    keep up the good work with the blog and forum-peace

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